It's a tough time to start a new restaurant; people are eating out less. Some are digging in their couch cushions for gas money. All over town, places that are usually packed are suddenly no-reservations required. But I'm hoping that Ghengis Grill, which we previewed today, makes it through the tough financial climate.

A Chicago native, I spent a lot of time at the Flat Top Grill. I mastered the art of proper sauce-to-veggie ratios and interesting meat/veggie/sauce combinations. And since I moved here, I have waited for a Mongolian stir fry place to come. After all, it's WAY too good of an idea to take too long, right? Finally, we wait no longer!

Citrus beef at Ghengis Grill

Ghengis Grill, which opens officially tomorrow, brings Mongolian stir fry to Albuquerque. Fresh veggies, easy-to-understand sauce suggestions, and friendly (if crazed-on-preview-day) staff.

I tried the beef/pork/chicken with the oranges and "citrus beef" recipe only with more pork and stranger veggies and more chile. It was delicious and it was satisfying when they struck the gong after I tipped the grill dude (note: ALWAYS tip the grill dude. They hold your proteins in their extremely long chopsticks!).

My only disappointment was that they sold out of the "brownie" dessert thing. Apparently EVERYONE wanted it, but we didn't get there on time. Hopefully we'll have better luck next time. Think they can bake more by the weekend?

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I'm not from chi-town, but a bit north, just over the WI border, kenosha, sausage country!!
Khan's has sausage! No cheese shaped like the State of Wisconsin though. At least you can get cheese curds at Trader Joe's now.
It's definitely a hard time to start a new restaurant...fortunately for them, Genghis Grill is a chain from Dallas. (Oh, and Mongolian BBQ is really from Taiwan!)

Glad to hear it's tasty, though.
Yeah, I know it's a chain. But the whole do-it-yourself-stir-fry concept should have been here a long time ago.

If it takes a chain to make it happen, I can live with that if they do it well.
there was a mongolian bbq place on menaul near washington for quite a few years.
A scary, scary place.
hell yeah.
i went there once.
Guess I missed that one. Sounds like I didn't miss much.
It was definitely a scary place on its downward spiral, but that was after 20+ years or so. I think it was in the space where the building housing Jennifer James 101 is now located.
i thought it burned down, or was that a different building?
Don't know if it burned down or was torn down, but the strip mall with Jennifer James and the new Top Dog is definitely where the MongolQ used to be.
I kept hearing that loop in my head as we were there.


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