Ever since I was a kid visiting England with my family, I've been entranced by roundabouts. They seem like such an elegant solution.

We've got three relatively new ones here in Albuquerque, along with a number of tiny ones. Here's my list:

* Journal Center
* Yale north of Lomas
* West edge of downtown
* Copper just west of the fairgrounds
* by Monte Vista Elementary School
* Santa Clara and Columbia

I've made a Google map. There must be more. Suggestions?

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Not sure if this counts - but there is one in the parking lot/ between the Defined Fitness on Coors/ Montano and the shopping strip next to it
Central and 8th or 9th has one.
Roundabouts in ABQ are so pointless. People don't know what to do when they get to one and it just makes it way more dangerous. What is wrong with the good old fashioned four way stop?
I agree completely and think four way stops, or even speed bumps, are better. I go out of my way to avoid rotaries/roundabouts whenever I can. I feel like they are too dangerous (both for drivers AND pedestrians) since people don't seem to get them. For a "traffic calming device", I think they do a pretty bad job everywhere I've seen them.
Kat -

FYI, the traffic safety research data shows quite the opposite: roundabouts significantly reduce the number of traffic accidents and lead to dramatic reductions in the number of injury accidents. We don't have a very long experience with them here in the United States, so the data is thin, but it all points in the same direction. None of the studies I've been able to find show any increase in traffic accidents when roundabouts are installed.
Whatever else they do, roundabouts force drivers to slow down at least a little bit. It also makes it impossible to plow right through an intersection the way so many New Mexicans do when faced with a 4-way stop: even if they disregard the yield signs, they're still not going to be directly in the path of intersecting traffic. It's also impossible to have a T-bone head-on collision at a roundabout. These are big improvements over the 4-way stop in my book, especially at intersections like Central and 9th where one of the intersecting streets carries a lot of traffic.
OMG--apparently I haven't been on Central & 9th in ages, I had no clue there was a traffic circle there. Next trip home I've gotta check it out.
Roundabouts are not necessarily a traffic calming device, although that is their purpose in the residential neighborhoods. On major streets they are a way of keeping an intersection from stacking up with cars--ideal for when a minor road intersects a major road such as the Central/9th roundabout. But I do get a kick out of watching clueless Albq. drivers trying to negotiate them.

If the basis for having traffic signals/devices/rules is whether people know how to follow them or not, then Albq. shouldn't have anything whatsoever. No one here seems to know traffic rules at all. Or maybe they know them and just don't follow them...
There is one at Bullhead park (far south end of San Pedro) and I think it helps move the traffic in and out of the parking lot.
I love the Santa Clara/Columbia one for several reasons. The best part about it is that it has four "one-way" signs on it, facing each entrance, so that people know what to do. Really simple, really heavy-handed, hilarious and functional. The second best thing about that roundabout is every now and then the signs are bent out of shape or plowed over, broken by someone who just didn't get it. (And may have been a little tipsy. And maybe should be driving a car that has an easy time plowing over the whole thing). Still, the house at the southeast corner has had fewer crashes into its frequently rebuilt wall, so I think the system works.
Amen on the Santa Clara/Columbia roundabout. I live in that neighborhood and could reliably, frequently witness, nearly witness or see the fallout of an accident when the intersection was a 4-way stop. The poor people whose walls were demolished at least once a season had it worst, I think. Since the round about was installed, the number of accidents there has dropped to almost nil. Is it because most people don't know what to do and thus are more aware/courteous? Maybe. But frankly, I don't care, since it has seemed to fix the problem of people blasting through the intersection.
Whoever designed the rotary on Yale north of Lomas and its associated bike path(if you can call it that) obviously has never navigated through traffic on a bicycle before.
I agree with you. Also, whoever designed and/or constructed that thing really did not know what they were doing and really screwed the pooch on that one. The stripping is a joke and confusing even to people who know what in the hell to do when you come to a roundabout.


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