Because of my crazy commuting schedule that means living in two cities, I'm looking for a gym that offers a "summer membership" plan. I can't see paying for an annual membership when I'm spending much of the academic school year in other places. I'm looking for a place with good selection of free weights, machines (elliptical, cycle, rowing, stairclimbing) spinning, aerobic, and yoga classes - preferably downtown.

Note: the key here is SUMMER membership plan - I'd love to join NMSW, but I was told they require a year-long commitment, which is pointless for me when I'm only able to use their facilities late May through mid-August...


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This looks great! Thanks!
Try the JCC- nice facility, nice pool and I know they offer short term memberships for students. I have found them open and friendly. Sorry, not downtown though.
it may no be downtown but Defined fitness was month to month last time I checked
My family just signed up to NMSW during the end of last month. We are planning on canceling at the end of the summer. Here is the policy taken from the contract:

Cancellation Policy: If at any time during the first 14-days you. as a member. are not completely satisfied with New Mexico Sports & Wellness, we will refund the fee (annual or initiation) you paid to join with no questions asked. Member may cancel at any time by providing the Accounting Offices thirty (30)·days written notice prior to the first of the preceding month. All memberships are non·refundable.

And we didn't have any sign up fee as it was at the end of the month. You might want to ask about that.
Liberty Gym has one month and three month memberships (three month is about $100, if I remember correctly). They are located near San Mateo and Cutler. Good gym.
It is indeed $100 for three months. No startup or annual fees, either. Thanks for the pointer- I signed up this morning. Much older crowd at Liberty than Defined Fitness- less nonsense too.
Defined Fitness would be a great choice! Hours of operation are 4:30am to midnight Monday to Thursday Friday close at 10pm and abreviated a bit on the weekends, pool is open all hours of operation. Web site is and all the details are there, check out the virtual tours of each location! There are no contracts and memberships are month to month, there is a one time (low priced) inital fee, once you pay that you never have to pay it again even if you leave for years, you can still come back and pay for the month. 4 locations and your one membership gets you into all four locations with no extra charge. There are elipticals, AMT's, treadmills, stepmills, the new wave, rowing machine, bikes, cycling classes, yoga, pilates and a full line of free weights and machines all for one monthly fee. The San Mateo and Mcleod location is right off I-25 and Jeferson easy to get to from downtown. Great place!
I forgot to mention Defined Fitness has a summer special, $99 for 3 months! No contracts or initial fee. Check it out!
Awesome, thanks. My wife and I were already planning on joining Defined Fitness, yet the summer deal will perfect. A couple of years ago I lost eighty pounds in about six months by doing Atkins and spending ninety minutes a day at DF. The water aerobics was easy on my knees and pealed the weight right off.
You can "join" the Hyatt downtown's gym for $35/month, no contract. Just go to the concierge desk and tell them you want to get monthly access to their gym.
Defined Fitness allows you to go month to month. So whenever you want to quit, you just do. Then if you want to pick back up down the road, you don't have to pay another initiation fee. That's as far as I know, but I've been taking advantage of the city community centers, which are free. The one in Taylor Ranch has a workout room. That's another option.


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