Has anyone ever eaten at Orchid Thai or Thai Tip? We are hungry for Thai food and the reviews on both of these places seem generally positive but we're not sure which one to choose. Any suggestions?

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Chow's Asian Bistro. Can sub it on any meal.
If you live on the west side or don't mind the drive, Teriyaki Queen at Montano Plaza has great Thai food
I should also say that, I think I'd have to give my nod for best Thai in town to Thai House. The service is quite good, the quality of food very high, they are not afraid to make it spicy, and the portions are quite large, and the pricing is sensible. I haven't been anywhere else for Thai in ABQ that I can say has one upped Thai House. Thai Tip is good, but over priced. Orchid Thai just doesn't have the flavor that I want from Thai food, and I think is also a bit over priced.
I just heard last night while dining at the "El Patio" restaurant on Harvard, very good I might add...that the Siam cafe on San Meteo is very good for Thai.
Tawan Thai for sure has my favorite thai food in town. Wyoming and Zuni. Little hole in the wall. Real thai people in the kitchen. Excellent all the way around. Also there is Mai Thai on Wyoming just south of Lomas and Rabieng Thong on Central just east of Wyoming. All three are WAY WAY WAY better than Orchid and Thai Tip, in my thai-loving opinion.
Tried Tawan Thai last week- didn't care for it. It's a mom and pop place, which are often the best places to go. Not awful or anything, just a little too simple for my tastes. Haven't tried the others yet- thanks for the pointers!
Uhh Mai Thai is actually on Eubank just south of Constitution right next to La Salita. It is way less expensive than the other Thai restaurants mentioned and the food is very, very, good. Thai Cuisine on the west side and Mai Thai are in my opinion the two best Thai places in town, authentic stuff, very good.
yeah eubank. good catch.
My vote goes to Thai Cuisine also and then Thai Tip. I'll have to give Mai Thai a try.
Thai Tip. Thai Tip. Thai Tip. Order mild or your head may explode.
Hahahaha! We love the food there too, but every time I order I make the mistake of asking for "NM hot" and at least one item "Thai hot". It darn near kills even my husband who could probably drink battery acid and stomach it, but it all disappears. We admire the fact that they dare try to hurt us so. It's often difficult to convince people you really want your food that hot!
Thai Tip was not so great. I hate eating at restaurants where I think to myself, oh, I could totally do this in the comfort of my own home. Why shell out $40+ for something I can make myself? The red pineapple curry was b.o.r.i.n.g. Coconut milk with red curry paste, canned pineapple, and four (4!) shrimp. Pathetic. The yum nue had dried out strips sticks of meat in it. The tomatoes were mealy. The only good thing? Uh. It was hot? Uh. Not sure, but really peeved that I spent $40 on that meal.

Next time, Thai Basil on 4th, owned by my friend Gordon and his Thai girlfriend.


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