Cornell Plaza (Between Johnson Gym and the SUB)
Friday, November 30, 2007
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

• Taste delicious local, fair trade and organic food
• Buy gifts and support our local economy
• Support sustainable agricultural practices
• Meet local farmers and sustainable business
• Network with socially responsible organizations
• See sustainable student projects
• Win prizes and get ‘green’ giveaways
• Enjoy music powered by the sun

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Is there somewhere I can go or someone I can talk to so that I can setup a booth? Thanks!
The announcement was from Upcoming which has contact information.
awesome, thanks!
I don't have any experience with vegetable oil vehicles, but this might be a good place to start: Albuquerque Alternative Energies.
Huh...I wonder which local growers they'll get out, and what they'll be marketing? Harvest time is pretty much over for the year as far as I'm aware.
I couldn't find any list of participants. I suppose they could be showcasing growers with shelf-stable products like honey, jams, lavender, etc..?

From the UNM Sustainability forum:

Farmers from the local area will be featured with the
best of their fall harvest. A showcase of sustainable
projects from the students of University of New
Mexico's new Sustainability Studies Program. Many
student groups with a proactive role in health,
environmental and social justice causes also will be
in attendance. The UNM Sustainability Studies
Program's carbon-neutral food kiosk and photovoltaic
trailer will also be on display.
Yeah, there are a lot of local preserves around. A few local cheesemakers are popping up too. Maybe garlic, onions, etc. as well?
Can anyone report on this event? I didn't have a reason to be in town yesterday, and didn't figure it was appropriate to drive the extra miles when the topic was sustainability. I'd love to know how it turned out, though, so in the future I'll know if I should work it it into my schedule (assuming it was successful enough to make it annual or semi-annual). Were there a lot of vendors and what sort of products were they selling? Were there any particularly good educational booths? Kemper, did you manage to get a booth? And if so, how was the turnout and response?
Wow, sorry for the major delay. The Sustainability Fair was great, albeit very cold. There were a lot of great people out in support of this growing effort. This included city officials, multiple CSA farms, several organizations like NMPIRG and the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Most of the farms arrived with leafy greens. Oddly, Los Pablanos farm was no where to be seen. I've grown accustomed to seeing them at the farmer's markets. There were also several people who arrived with both products and services. A notable person was Estudio who was offering samples of his home-made tepache. It's a bottled drink consisting largely of pineapple juice and honey. He makes it all by hand. There was a large presence by the new UNM Sustainability Studies Program. This included both professors and a lot of students that were showing off their work. There was a great booth showing a huge variety of native corns by the Traditional Native American Farmers Association. They are promoting a resolution to establish a community seed bank and other measures to help fight back against genetically modified corn. There was also a great bluegrass band playing. Anyone catch their name?
Thanks for the report Kemper. I spoke to a student who was passing through between classes, said it looked interesting and hoped that they'd do it again when they could attend. And a UNM staff member told me that the excitement about the event was palpable. I hear they are planning another one for spring, but haven't heard if they have a date yet.
There will be another Lobo Market and Sustainability Fair next week- Thursday, April 24th, 10 ma - 2 pm on the mall just south the Student Union!
Thanks for the news Chartreuse. I'd heard it was to be in April, but not when (I thought maybe for Earth Day). It would be nice if they got this publicized a little further in advance. Once again, it doesn't look like I'll be able to attend, but if anyone else is interested, here is the information on Upcoming.


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