Where should I take out of town guests to eat tonight

This is always my dilemma. They want new mexican. Well, for me there is no choice. Frontier . They want ambiance, patio, margarita etc. I know of no place where all that comes together in one restaurant. Do you guys?
There is Church St Cafe, in Old Town. Nice patio, food kind of ho hum. El Pinto out on 4th st. Fantastic patio, again kind of ho hum food. Anyone know anything about Ben Michael's? What else is there? Gardunos? I have never been. Help they are coming in 2 hrs.
Why cant The Frontier just get a damn patio? Why? Then everytime I have out of towners I would not be faced with this

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Church Street is great. Agave margaritas, which are made using an agave wine, are more mellow than their tequila-based cousins.
Sorry Brian I cant agree with you. They are actually need to take some lessons on how to run a restaurant. Slow, confused, disorganized. I would not actually call them margaritas, more like a kids sip up. Pretty bad. Too bad, as we walk or bike to old town alot, and it would be nice to have a meal at a nice place sometimes, or a drink.
It is an agave wine that they use in their margarita at Church Street. It is quite drinkable and very mild. Great choice.
Sorry Lauren, but I don't think you can get away with calling the Frontier "canned new mexican/mexican" or "predictable chain clone." The pot of death? Green chili roasted in the parking lot? Posole with tortillas made on the spot? Six pack of Carne Adovada Burritos? Owner himself flipping burgers? Stabbings when the bars close (ah , the good 'ole 24 hour days)? MUCHO AUTENTICO!

Oh great, now I'm involved in some sort of locals hatch green chili argument.
Love the Frontier. Love it! Durans is second for me. OK went to Church st Cafe, and here is the report. Just say no to wine margaritas, weak as water. Food, not good, staff very very slow.......but, nice patio! Tonight was all about the patio, tomorrow will be about The Frontier. Did you know that at the Anderson school of business, they study the Fronteir and the way it is run.
What you forgot to mention about the Church St. Cafe, Dolores, is how Expensive their not-very-good food is! The patio is beautiful, though our group was stuck in a claustrophobic covered section. Good part was that there were ripe grapes hanging down through the trellis cover.
JMG Why did you not heed my warning. Free grapes and a patio on a hot summer night......that is tempting, even with bad food. Thats why we keep getting sucked in. What a waste.
I actually was following someone else's recommendation (Sophie or chantal?) and hadn't seen your post. Next time I'll check for your input first.
LOL Have you tried Teofillos in Los Lunas?
Nope, I don't think I know it. Should I?
Well I used to eat there a lot but have not been in a couple of years. Its a lovely very old house and when I last drove by I noticed they had built a patio. They used to have wine margaritas, but someone said the have real ones now. Better double check that if you go. Its a nice ride down if you take the isleta exit, either one of them and it takes you through a beautiful natural swampy area.
I pretty much just eat guac, and enchiladas with red. I always liked it. Dont know about other stuff. My husband loves their carne adovada.Their guac was wonderful. Chunky and spicy and simple.
Any local knows (and adores) Frontier. Shoot, even Neil Patrick Harris raves about the place! Don't forget their big ol' pot of green chile stew. Oh! And yummy cinnamon rolls to cool you down after eating all the spicy chile.


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