Hey All,

I don't mean to come off sounding like a nervous nellie, first asking about crime and now nuclear waste but nukes are one thing we don't have to think about too much in LA. I'm just curious, how much do ABQ locals think about it?

I've done some research on the mixed waste landfill near Mesa del Sol and it sounds like it's a dangerous place and very much in need of clean up. I haven't found anything about people/animals/the environment being negatively effected though.

Do you guys ever hear about elevated cancer rates or anything like that in the area? Any sitings of oversized, mutated prairie dogs?

Thanks again for all the help, this site is awesome!

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I haven't heard of any issues with mutated prairie dogs, but I do know that the jackalope population around Mesa del Sol is 50%-75% over breed standard in size. Maybe there's a connection?
Are jackalopes carnivorous?
They've been known to be, but they mostly feed on radioactive waste and acorns.
I think you will be safe on this one, but to be honest I have not heard anything about the mixed waste landfill one way or the other. What have you heard or found out with your research? I can check into it here in the newsroom.
Hi Chris,

Here are some sites I found on the landfill:


One mentioned something about radioactive tumbleweeds but mostly it seems people just want the place cleaned up, not because anything bad has happened but as a pro-active measure.

Thanks so much for offering to check into it!
On Februray 2nd of this year the State Supreme Court denied an appeal to a decision allowing Sandia National Labs to cover waste at the landfill.

The State Environment Department ruled three years ago that digging it up would be risker than leaving it alone. Needless to say a Citizens Group challenged that ruling because of concerns the ground water might become contaminated, but the State Supreme Court did not see it that way.

Personally I am not thrilled with this, but hopefully the Environment Department and the State Supreme Court are correct.
I guess they're not so secretly stored, if you know about them, eh? heh, heh. Yeah, there are a bunch o'nuclear warheads stored out on the southeast end of town. So, if someone decides to strap one on and attack the U.S., Albq. is high on the strategic list, or so I've heard. I treat this information as good. I don't want to stick around and find out what happens after someone attacks the entire United States. I'd just as soon be one of the first to go.

Too macabre and fatalistic? Oh well.

As far as those websites go, you might want to know that those are all some pretty rabid anti-nuke people and they do tend to exaggerate...in my opinion.
The prairie dogs with two heads are *twice* as cute!

Seriously, the general concern is in waste reaching the water table and contaminating the aquifer. It could happen tomorrow. Or in a thousand years. It's a potential problem that many communities face around around the country (Hanford, WA on down the Columbia comes to mind)- The only disfigured mutants you're likely to see at Mesa Del Sol are on sound stages or driving ATV's at Montessa park. It's not something keeping many of us up awake at night (which is a shame because if it were, it'd probably have better monitoring and get cleaned up sooner).
yeah not a lot is said about this, which i guess is sorta of scary, but what isn't these days. one thing to keep in mind is th epoint once made, Citizen Action (while not extremist) is pretty heavy duty no nukes. a lot of times when they talk about waste they are talking about gloves and clothing worn in clean rooms, not like chunks o' uranium. but then again who knows.
Mesa del Sol is a pretty green opperation and I don't think this is something they would try to cover up down play if it was an issue. i think its something they would just plain stay away from if it were an issue.
Thanks All.

Sounds like it's something worth keeping on the mental backburner but not obsessing over. Every place has something nowadays, smog, contaminated water, radioactive tumbleweeds, etc... One thing I do like about New Mexico in general is the pro-active stance on environmental issues like green construction and use of alternative energy sources. The old man and I spent last X-Mas in Taos and saw a lot of solar going on, they even have a solar powered radio station, KTAO, I think it is...
Ooh! Ooh! and the spiders! It's black widow time again! We are planning on having the annual round up at Casa Martineztown (GF and I grab a flip-flop each and smash spiders) this weekend. Don't forget the children of the earth eeeeww! and west nile virus. Rock on.
Thanks so much for all the reassurances. I guess I'll take the money I was planning on spending on a geiger counter and set it aside for jackalope proofing,


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