Now here's a list we can be proud of!

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Yeah, well I think it's going to keep up a couple spaces with all the sweat I've been putting off the last weeks. *whew!* I'm even sweating at night now...
Woo Hoo! Glad we moved here. Phoenix's #1 ranking doesn't surprise me a bit. We lived there for 7 years before moving here and the summers were brutal! Viva 'Burque!
I also enjoy the constant gentle blow torch known as ABQ weather.

Now if they generated a "windiest cities" list, we would be much higher than 51.
Oh, no. But Moriarty, you can't keep a candle lit there to save your life. The wind, when not howling, is whistling or rustling or whispering; but mostly, it's windy. When I lived in the east mountains, we called our little town Edgewind. Before our house was built, the ex and I went out and tried to figure out the prevailing wind--it's from the west, so we oriented the house to mitigate for the wind's effects.

However, Edgewind was still 10-15 degrees cooler than albu. That was nice.
Boston, and NYC, and Cleveland (among others) less 'sweaty' than Albuquerque?! Please...
AANNDD....what about DC (did I miss it?) I lived in Georgetown for a summer (remind me never ever to do that again). The sidewalks and the buildings were brick. I swear. I thought I was going to die. That, and the rat the size of a dachshund ambling thru someone's front yard to drink from a dog dish and the only time you will catch me in DC is in April and May and in September and October. The rest is hell. I was outside the Folger Shakespeare Library, where I was a reader during the day, but a commuter to Georgetown by night, and it was totally overcast, I mean, I think there may have been a sky, but I wasn't sure. All of a sudden, all of the humidity in the air fell on the ground: it rained. The temperature never dropped--it must have been 100 deg. outside--but all that water fell on the ground. God, I hope I never have to live there. DC: Sweatiest Place in the World. Even the sky sweats.

My deepest apologies to those who long for the halcyon days of DC summers. Sorry to offend.
Having lived in Savannah, GA (31) for 3 years, I can tell you with absolute certainty that it should be ranked ahead of Honolulu (29)!
I heard about this posting several weeks ago. I am originally from North Carolina (typicall hot and humid in the summer), currently live in Los Angeles (while a little humid in summer, not that bad considering it's a Mediterranean climate, but now on a 4-month job assignment in Delaware (which is hot and humid quite often). I lived in ABQ for 4 years and plan to move back there because of the natural beauty and "lack" of sweat. There have been days here on the east coast where it might be 87 for a high...but when you factor in the high humidity, it can just be horrible with all the sweating. ABQ, on the other hand can 95....and when you factor in the lower much more comfortable. I'm not sure where they got their figures from. They rated Phoenix and Vegas fairly high which are usually fairly dry being they are in the desert.
I dunno. I sure sweated in our wet July although I readily admit that I'm a sniveling weenie when it comes to humidity.


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