Anyone else glad to see that Cynthia IzaguiRRe is leaving?

or am i the only one?

now texas can be subjected to her "me,me,me" fluff pieces. Raising Cynthia? SPARE ME.

I am sad to see that Carla Aragon is leaving though. There is an upside to it.

It means that Nicole (I have no chemistry with Steve Stucker) Brady will be moving to evening news most likely. It is so painful to see poor Steve trying to get her to lighten up every morning. She does the half laugh and most of the time rolls her eyes at the poor guy.

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really? i can see how he can try a little to much to be funny sometimes though and may get on peoples nerves.

doesn't seem like they can find a good co-anchor fit for him.
I don't know about sitting next to him ... but watching him is a pain in my ass. I can't stand his lame jokes and stupid costumes. Just give me the weather, for god sakes!
Heck NO! Cynthia is all about... CYNTHIA.... and Nicole is a waste of my time in the mornings. She looks completely bored out of her mind and irritated at having to report the news. I agree that Steve looks in constant pain, trying to make the woman lighten up a little bit. Next time you watch her... check out her fake facial expressions... HAHAHAHA
so you like that cynthia is all about herself?

yeah nicole is a waste of time in the mornings. i laugh at her fake expressions too.
No... I think its all done in very poor taste. I'm all for the "human interest" stories in moderation - but to do it on yourself? Gimme a break!!
The big PUHLEEEAAASE came last night after Carla's Personal Interest Stories segment when she made what sounded like THE MOST fake crying voice I've ever heard. I really hate to admit this (no really, I do) but Steve Stucker is the only person with any personality at that station. Does anyone remember when they tried to pair Nicole with Shelton Dodson? They were the perfect match: no personality, no sense of humor (no matter how bad) and DRY as the dirt in our deserts.
I'd rather watch the folks on the other 2 networks than the "repeat the same ol' story" KOB people.
Give Mike Roberts a try on 13 in the morning.... he's a great guy
Mike Powers on KRQE is an even greater guy in the morning.
i like to watch marisa maez, christine jones, and jason stiff in the am. sometimes the daily buzz but you don't get very much local news off them.
well with most tv news local and national (kindda have to use term "news" in that regard loosely) it's like which do you like ..... bad or worse.

carla does seem like she is talking to a class of elementary school kids lol.

i just wish that news reporters would get over using the same annoying caedence (sp?) in their voices (yes aj smith i'm talking to you).
Does anyone else think that Cynthia Izzaguirre just has a little too much fun over enunciating her name? I never got the journalistic vibe from her. I remember this one time she went to do an "investigation" of an animal shelter and the whole segment was basically her saying her name and shoving her microphone in everybody's face. She also seems to have some serious trouble reading from the teleprompter, which since is a TV anchors main existence, is pretty sad.
Honestly, I'm thrilled - We really couldn't stand her. Her outfits were really Beaver Toyota caliber, too.


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