Anyone else glad to see that Cynthia IzaguiRRe is leaving?

or am i the only one?

now texas can be subjected to her "me,me,me" fluff pieces. Raising Cynthia? SPARE ME.

I am sad to see that Carla Aragon is leaving though. There is an upside to it.

It means that Nicole (I have no chemistry with Steve Stucker) Brady will be moving to evening news most likely. It is so painful to see poor Steve trying to get her to lighten up every morning. She does the half laugh and most of the time rolls her eyes at the poor guy.

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If I ever happen to find myself missing Cynthia....I will always have this gem
that was classic! we will always have that memory.
I was wondering who would be the first to put that massive blooper here!
I hate to be the corrective type, here, especially because it eliminates on eof the main premises of the thread, but since Ms. Izaguirre is on KOAT, and Nicole and Steve are on KOB, there'll be no Nicole for Cynthia timeslot trade to speak of.

FTR, Monica Armenta & Steve Stucker had some SERIOUS chemistry back in the day.

i still show out of town friends the gay/blind gaffe whenever the occasion arises.
i made the thread in reference to cynthia leaving but mentioned Carla Aragon leaving KOB now too. the trade would be w/carla or in light of the shuffling around since carla is leaving nicole will be moved too i think.

anywho, yeah monica and steve were a good match. now we get to see her every now and again on tv as aps spokeswoman trying to squeltch whatever press fire they have going on like the late school bus incidents.
I always got a kick out of watching Monica and could just feel the tension through the TV. There were times where the look on her face said all you needed to know.....
I think the one thing that has to be said is this. Most people in TV news strive to get to the biggest market they can. Cynthia has done that. Like her or not, she has moved on to a much bigger gig. So kudos to her
The Tribune has an article today (Friday) on the departure of Carla y Cynthia.
yay, people who still read the tribune. my neighbor thanks you.

thanks for the heads up. i'll have to look at what they wrote up.
Oh my Gosh! You just totally-otally made my evening! Thank you soooo much for posting that! I can't wait to show my husband! That was so funny! I really needed a good laugh! Thank you!


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