I've been feeling the urge to harmonize! While I love some deep gospel sounds, I'm not deeply moved in a church choir, nor am I a good fit for the NM Symphony's choir nor, at age 28, am I eligible for a Swingin' Grannies choir (all great options for others by the way). So i've been thinking of starting a new choir in town for adults (and older teens). If anyone out there is interested in singing some Beatles, maybe some Ray LaMontagne, Allison Kraus and other artists possibly adaptable to a group, let's talk. I've got a neighbor who plays a killer piano. And my house can host a group. I picture hangin' in the living room for practice, maybe drinking a beer (to keep my throat moist...yeah yeah...) having some snacks and singing some beautiful songs with some tingle-inspiring harmonies. Anyway, any takers?

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I have an 18mo, so my house and back yard are kid-frienldy, and splitting the cost of a sitter wouldn't be bad. Of course, this is assuming we can work actually get this together.
Would people be up for bringing kids and seeing how it goes the first time and if that doesn't work we can look at sitters and such?
Also What about early afternoon on August 9th as the date?
You piqued my interest when you mentioned Ray LaMontagne! I'd definitely be down with "group-tune" participation. Can't wait to hear how plans progress, MayMay!
So far, I'm thinking of having 2 start-up meetings, one on a weekend day and one a weekday, so folks can come and provide contact info, what days are best to meet. Then from that, i'm thinking I'll be able to develop which day would be best to get together. I'll keep you all posted.
I'm thinking about two info sessions: Sunday Aug. 10, maybe 4-5 p.m. and then again on Thursday maybe 5:30-6:30. I'm hoping folks will show up and provide which day is best to meet up, that way we can pick a practice day that is convenient for the most folks. Also, my piano neighbor is really excited about this idea and she has flexible schedule. I'm also thinking maybe two practices a month, an hour to an 1 1/2 each. And while I love to sing, I'm not sure I'm musically equipped to be a director of any sort so I'm thinking maybe collective directing? Also, I think it might be good to make up a little flyer and post it at some fun places. Anyone good at making flyers?
OK - I like the Sunday time. I have done flyers- let me know what your ideas are.
I'm glad you both can make it, kids and all. As far as a flyer, if you are up for it just take the lead, Mombat. Let's e-mail for details. I'm at rubytrue@hotmail.com.
Hi all. I just started a group for this discussion, so we can post more detailed info about meetings and such. Go to the groups tab and find the new discussion area under Abq's Funky Choir.
Details about info sessions for this new choir are being posted on the group site. To keep abreast of developments, make sure to join the group ASAP!
I'm probably older than most--I'm 37, but I love to sing... just about anything... let me know if this goes anywhere... I'd love to give it a shot.
So far we have had a wide-range of ages, from 17-almost 70. That is pretty cool. Don't forget to sign up for the choir group up at group tabs. That will be the best way to keep up with developments. Also, don't forget the info sessions on Aug. 10.
Hi All -
If/when you all arrive for one of the informaton sessions (Aug. 10 and Aug. 14), bring your iPod or a blank CD to upload some of the proposed songs for the choir. Also, I need folks to suggest songs they want to sing. If you have these songs on cd or can upload them to your iPod to share, that would be great.


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