Do you think Mayor Chavez, or The State of N.M., is trying to move towards prohibition?

I think this is a conversation worth having. I've lived here for two years now, and spent a lot of time here before moving. My girlfriend is a lifetime resident. I've really been trying to keep up on what goes on as I'm trying to make decisions on whether or not I'll be really putting down roots here. As of right now the answer to that question is no. I've never been in a place where the local government is so far into your personal business, and uses such ruthless tactics to do so. That having been said, has it always been like this, or is it just Chavez? With all the harassment that goes on in regards to people drinking, in bars and in their homes, you have to start to wonder where it's all going. So, I'd like to get some perspective from some people with more of a sense of history than I have. Thanks.

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I understand that there is a drunk driving problem. Do you think that gives the city a right to crack down on every person who tries to go out for a drink, and the people who serve them? Don't you also think that a city that was really serious about keeping drinkers off the road would have late night mass transit year round? So that people that like to drink responsibly can do so. I mean the bars are full, there is a demand for it. Do you think the cops should be able to come into your home and oust your guests without probable cause? I just don't think it's that cut and dry.
I agree that bartenders shouldn't serve people who are visibly drunk.

I do, however, only use mass transit when drinking. It's impossible for me to use mass transit during the day for work. If there's a bus available when I want to go out, I take it. If not I get a cab or a designated driver. That's the question. Is the city against drunk driving, or just drinking? They certainly don't make it easy for people to go out and have a good time responsibly. Mayor Chavez has made public statements like, "I've taken a controversial stand against drinking" and "if we can't control their addiction, we can at least keep them out of their cars". Notice that his stand is against drinking, not drinking and driving. Making statements implying that everyone who goes out to a bar is an alcoholic is, of course, ignorant. But it does show what the mayor's attitude is toward the general public. So, seriously, do you think the guy is a prohibitionist?
I think it's something that the politicians seize on as a no-brainer, popular issue. Just look at the replies you received. Mayor Marty likes his drinks, so I don't think he'd be pro-Prohibition--but he also always has a designated driver.

One thing that the state as a whole could do to combat drunk driving is to make liquor licenses easily available. The way it works now is that there is now a set number of full service liquor licenses available in the state. There will never be any more available. So, the people who own the liquor licenses make tons of money in leasing or selling them. But this also means that the number of bars are severely limited. If this were not the case and liquor licenses were available simply upon application, there could be more bars and hence less reason for people to drive to outer Mongolia to have a drink and then have to drive back home. Some good late night public transport would be good, too.

I think if I owned a bar I would have courtesy vans always available and I would pick people up at their homes and then take them back home when they were finished having their fun. You know, like the Baptists do for church services.
I can tell you from personal experience that Marty does indeed love his drinks and at least on the three occasions I saw, he did not have a designated driver.

Bill Richardson also really loves his drinks, but we pay a state trooper to drive him around.
Oh my!
What's up with this weed patrol crap!
I have a house on the north side of alameda, and east of wyoming. My backyard is walled with a six foor brick wall. Behind my house is a street that wasn't even paved a year ago, but is now, and I'm getting notices that say that I'm going to jail/or pay a hefty fine if I don't clean the weeds behind my wall along the new street. The area is about 8 foot of dirt from my back wall to the edge of the street. I see the city cleaning up weeds along Alameda where someone's trying to sell some ex-junyard, why not come behind my house and clean them up. Am I supposed to go out and buy a 55 gallon drum of some weed killer and dump it over the wall or what. I don't even have access to the land. I have to go outside my cul-de-sac and drive about 1/4 mile to get behind my wall. If the city is so concerned let them use my tax money and clean it up, and quit bothering me about it. Or do I have to be a big time real estate agent with big time donations to somebody's campaign to get the preferential "A" treatment.

just my two sense
god - it's really simple people.
as a property owner, you're responsible to keep the weeds and trash under control on your property. ALSO, you're responsible for the area from your property line to the curb, even if that area is within the city r.o.w.


no, it doesn't.
what on earth are you talking about????????
show me the rule.
you're a teacher.
surely you know one can't prove a negative.
you lose.
prove that unicorns don't exist.
i'll wait.

tell you what.
why don't you forgo your next two excretory posts, go find that code section you're so sure exists, post it here and build some credibility.

by the way, "weed and seed" is a metaphor and the federally-funded program it isn't about botany.
It's not just Club 7. The city is trying, any way it can, to shut down every bar in this town. I'm from NJ, just outside of Manhattan. I have family in and around Seattle, Cleveland, Ft. Lauderdale, Portland and of course New York. They've never even heard of a "Party Patrol". Cops respond to complaints, they don't go around looking for parties to bust up. They have better things to do, as do the cops around here. Do you want to know what almost every guest I have from out of town say when arriving in Albuquerque? "There sure are a lot of cops around here!"
Now that I think about it, you're right about Ohio.


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