Inspirational Celebrity Day - Barack + Sheryl = A Change Will Do You Good

One of the benefits of being semi-employed right now in the booming film industry (which has steamrolled right past me this summer...another story) is that I can pretty much take off during the middle of any day to do whatever I like. Yesterday's Barack Obama town hall meeting at Rio Grande High School was such an occasion. After waiting for a couple of hours in the bleachers... nosebleed seats ... making me wonder how come my $200 contribution so far to Mr. Obama's campaign didn't get me on the floor somehow... the boisterous crowd and I were treated to a forthright, down home, roll-up-your-shirtsleeves and "we've got some work to do" discussion with (let's hope) the Next President of the United States. Seeing the man in person engage the crowd with common sense solutions and true conviction that he's coming from the right place was inspirational and motivating. The man can really hold the public and he addressed us like we were part of the solution and part of the future. When I read the news summaries today about how he's going negative against McCain, I see some of that...but my take on it is that he's only pointing out the obvious about the Bush administration and how a McCain presidency would keep us trodding down the same old warpath. What I was really left with is a sense of optimism, and the feeling that this is truly a historic moment where we can elect someone who is representative of the real America - white/black/brown/whatever - a young man with energy, vitality and intelligence. The crowd of all ages was swept up in the moment, it was emotional and educational, he hit us in the head and also the heart.

Speaking of heart... I did notice a certain blonde woman in the crowd sitting in the midst of a bunch of rock-star looking dudes... and sure enough it was Sheryl Crow taking in the scene before her concert at Sandia last night.... lucky me to also have tickets to the concert. Sheryl really rocked the house and after her much-reported dumping by Lance Armstrong and her bout with breast cancer it was great to see her in an optimistic and righteous groove. She even broke into a call & response blues about changing direction, called the gusts that blew her hair around "the winds of change" and praised the beauty of our fair city. It was a great day to be a Democrat and a music lover in the Duke City.

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D. Michael -- Sheryl Crow's been top of the charts for 15 years now, you're dating yourself. She probably wouldn't punch you in the face for your comments but you never know.

Barack does not come across as a wimpy boy, especially in person, and his reasoning and his positions are going to do a whole lot more to improve America's standing around the globe than the failed policies of Bush, Cheney and more of the same from McCain. Squaring off with Russia and Iran -- do you honestly think we ought to start invading more countries right now? It's going to take firm leadership but negotiation skills and credibility from our President and Obama can stand by his record of not supporting the invasion of a foreign country for trumped up reasons. I haven't seen the McCain 5-point lead poll anywhere but here but will look it up. In my humble opinion, if McCain wins this election it's because the American electorate is voting out of fear for the change that needs to come.
Brent, how lucky for you to see both Barak Obama and Sheryl Crow! A day and night to remember for a long time I'm sure! I wonder how many republicans who claim that Barak doesn't have experience, voted for "W" - the man with zero experience! For me personally, McCain doesn't represent my values one iota.

D. Michael - Sheryl Crow
That's the only credible national poll with McCain in the lead...most others have Obama up by a slim margin. Obama looks pretty good on a state-by-state basis too, and his campaign is instigating the largest ground operation in American political history. In other words, the jury is very much still out.
Can you say "cone of silence"? Right...McCain was in the limo with TV, radio, and BlackBerries at his disposal.
It's inevitable... McCain supporters aren't going to be able to come up with anything positive to say about McCain, so they're going to attack Obama instead. This whole "Black Liberation Theology" nonsense is just another one of the McCain campaign's talking points.

These inane cut & pastes by commenters are just following the McCain campaign's marching orders

Keep it up and maybe you'll get a free McCain hat Mark!
Or some commemorative Polydent!
As a small business owner, a father and a human being, I worry about Obama NOT being the next President.
"In The Twenty First Century Nations Don't Invade Other Nations" - John McCain 8/12/2008

I'm wondering which of the facts Senator McCain is confused on:

1) The United States is a Nation
2) Iraq is a Nation
3) 2003 was in the 21st century
4) The invasion of Iraq was in fact an Invasion

And we're to believe that it's Senator Obama who's an empty suit and unfit to lead?

With as much stretching as the right has done to find things to be scared of Obama for ("his pastor said things that scare me!") I wonder how they'd react if he had been one of the Keating Five or ditched his wife after she was crippled in a car accident in favor of a vapid beer heiress.


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