Just wondering if anyone plans to see what the Texas oilman has to say about New Mexico's energy future... this Wednesday in Albuquerque.

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I'm seriously considering a jaunt downtown for the occasion.
I'm planning on walking downtown for it. I think it could be cool, and am very interested in what he has to say.
Thanks for the heads up I think I'll spring for parking and hope its worth it.
Ask T Boone how much he is going to profit when his wind/solar come to fruition in the U.S. as a significant source of alternate energy.

I won't be going (my dad might because he's interested) but all I can figure out considering T Boone is not in a position of power is that he's well invested in wind and solar and spendling lots of money to get people to talk to their representatives and get Congress/Prez to sign some favorable legislation to get the wheels rolling on wind/solar so he can majorly profit from alternate energy first and care about the U.S.'s energy future second.
Yep, Kitson's right: he's up front about his personal interest in wind power.

Until Google builds their solar-powered office in Albuquerque (still lobbying for that, I am ;-), T Boone's the only big name that's come forward with a plan for leveraging all that luscious renewable energy in NM.
Kitson's right. T Boone doesn't want wind & solar because he's an environmentalist. He's publicly stated he doesn't give a fig for environmentalism. He wants it because he sees that the oil is running out and knows that demand for energy is only going up. Wind & Solar are nothing but an unexploited profit vector for him. I really hope he finds a way to make the profitable.
The troublesome statement for me is his push for state development (or at least financial support) of a new, more localized, transmission system. Creating a new grid in the 5th largest state in the union can't be cheap and I'd like to see more private financing here.
IIRC, the recent wind power electrical grid that Texas approved means Texas utility customers will be paying an extra $3-4/month on their bills.

I don't think privatization will help if a new wind power electrical grid system was approved here - the private company would build it and then sell its use to PNM or whoever and NM PNM/whoever customers will end up paying that expense in their bills also.

The only way privatization would be beneficial -- that I can see -- is if someone builds the grid for patriotic interests and doesn't expect a ROI like a normal investor or business does.
I was so cynical in my earlier post. Bad Scott! I was also thinking that it was a different time and date.

This is what we need. Market driven solutions to our energy needs.

I will try to attend. Should be interesting.
Did I miss any particularly lacerating free market truisms? ;-)
There may also be some altruism involved...T. Boone has said he will make money, but has also said he is 80 years old and already has $4 billion, and that he is doing it for the future of the country.
Creating the worlds biggest wind farm, in of all places Pampa Texas, to help pump thousands of gallons of water out of the Ogallala aquifer to send both power and water to Dallas. Now all he needs is Texas to give him the power of eminent domain so can secure the right of ways and his lil 4 billion of today will look like the nuevo rich stock traders. This is one big deal even for a Texan like T.Boone


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