Rudolfo Carillo's post about computers and art kinda got sidetracked with a Golden Pride/Fried Discussion instead, and so I'm starting a new post....

Where is the best breakfast burrito in town? and where can you get one 'round the clock?

I've only had one so far since moving here in July. At RB Winnings Cafe (it was good).
I tried to order one somewhere else, but they only served them at breakfast time...

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Heck yeah! There's better food in our airport than in some other state's major cities!
Flew out today and had to get my green chile fix before I left.

Brendan, you are absolutely right! Whenever I'm flying in to Albuquerque (on Southwest) and in the pre-boarding line, I often strike up a conversation with crew members are also waiting to board. Without fail, someone will always compliment the food at the Sunport, which causes all of us to start jonesing for breakfast burritos.
There is one at the Cottonwood Mall of all places, at least the last time I was there a few weeks ago.
The Burrito Lady on Eubank.
MOM OF TWO IS A GENIUS and has an exceptional palate. I would recommend the Carne or the Roast Beef with Red.
Thanks for the Hacienda Express updates. The two that I mentioned that closed (both VERY conveniently on my way to work in the mornings) were at Juan Tabo / Montgomery and one at a gas station at San Mateo and Cutler. The San Mateo and Cutler location has had an interesting history. They added a drive-thru and a counter inside the gas station... At first, an A&W Restaurant opened there, with draught rootbeer and awesome root beer floats and a very good hot dog or grilled burger.... Then, Hacienda Express was there for a couplea years. Then Jersey Jack's tried their hand. Finally, they boarded up the drive thru window and now it is only a gas station.

@BB everytime I fly, I stop by the Hacienda Express, get a burrito and enjoy my food watching planes on the observation deck.

@everyone else, I can't wait to try all the suggestions mentioned...
Hey Ron - me too! we should plan an airport meet-up one of these days. (Of course that means we'd both actually have to be going somewhere since Hacienda Express is on the 'secure' side of the airport.)
I'm REALLY hoping that JeSais has tried a breakfast burrito by now. Not having a breakfast burrito since July might actually kill me.
I hear ya. I lived in England for a year and before reaching the Sunport I stopped at Dos Hermanos. I ate half of the gigantic burrito before leaving Alb. and packed the rest away. It made it safely to the other side of the pond, where I ate it when I arrived. Mmmm. I know what I'm having for dinner tonight!
I have not yet ventured to explore this fantastic list! it is overwhelming. I suspect I will make it to either Fronteir or Golden Pride before the week is out...

THANKS everyone for the great suggestions.... I will diligently report back on my findings.
Your question about 24 hour joints serving breakfast burritos seems to go un answered, there just are not that many 24 places unless you count Denny's, some IHOPs, Dunkin Donut.

Maybe another subject about what is 24 still in Albuquerque since the Frontier cut back their hours.
Here's the link to Open 24 Hours


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