Rudolfo Carillo's post about computers and art kinda got sidetracked with a Golden Pride/Fried Discussion instead, and so I'm starting a new post....

Where is the best breakfast burrito in town? and where can you get one 'round the clock?

I've only had one so far since moving here in July. At RB Winnings Cafe (it was good).
I tried to order one somewhere else, but they only served them at breakfast time...

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Hi -- I saw that the conversation went on about Golden Pride before -- but the best in my opinion is a #7 at Golden Pride!!
I'm all in favor of Hacienda Express, but I love Chicharrones, and the airport or the cottonwood locations don't have them
You have to try the breakfast with chicharones and green chile. It is the best in the city.
After La Hacienda is Dos Hermanos for the Chicharrones and green in the breakfast burrito. The problem with Dos Hermanos is the help at the counter doesn't speak english and they always screw up my order.
Third would be Garcias. Don't order the green chile though. The burritoes are made with hand made tortillas and the green one's leak like a wet paper towel. The tortillas are great but what a mess!
I really like the breakfast burrito at Hello, Deli!
Taqueria Mexico over on Lomas and Edith. It's a dive, but their breakfast burritos are all that and a bag of chips.
Personally, i don't think theres any "great" 24hr joints, period.  Taco Cabana and Federico's are the two that come to mind for 3:30 am drunken munchies, however, I've heard good things from friends who i trust with food judgements that the burrito lady is hands down the best in town.  For me, I never liked frontier or golden pride, plus they're food is unhealthy and made with toxic ingredients.  Any way, most small New Mexican hole in the walls will satisfy your craving.  Dos is gross, as well as most other franchises.  Hurricanes and Twisters is prob the best of those.  These are all opinions from someone born and raised in albuquerque and  eats new mexican cuisine everyday.

Barbecue Breakfast Burritos? That's inconceivable!

Well, not anymore. This morning I tried, and was delighted with, Rudy's Barbecue breakfast burritos. I guess you can make them to order with whatever you like, but the variety that I enjoyed was egg, potato, cheese, green chile and SMOKED BRISKET. Yep, them Texans have infiltrated our beloved breakfast burrito. But in a good way.

If you drive by a Rudy's on your way to work in the morning, stop by and try one (or two, as they aren't the biggest burritos in the world.) I think you'll be happy you did.

That sounds tasty, but I can't get over the fact that the item you describe is what Rudy's markets as a "breakfast taco" at their Texas locations. Roll it up a little more, toss in some green chile, and it's the same thing. Breakfast tacos, man, that's just weird...

Ahh...Breakfast TACOS... No WONDER they are kinda small. Well as a purist, I guess a breakfast TACO is more Texan than New Mexican. I mean Whataburger has breakfast TACOS after all (which I do NOT recommend.) And I think Taco Cabanga has bkfst tacos also. Aren't they Texan too??

Yup - the Cabana is also a Texas chain.

I know there's no appreciable difference other than the size of the tortilla, but a breakfast taco is just...wrong somehow. Especially if you fold it different and call it a burrito (no logic here, I realize).

Tacos with scrambled eggs are native to Mexico - used to have them in Vera Cruz twenty years ago.  Just tortilla and eggs.  But even the street vendors have a good selection of salsas and condiments, so you can make it as hot or as sweet as you want.

Not exactly Breakfast tacos, though - they are served all day.

Interesting... Were those Vera Cruz tacos made with corn or flour tortillas?


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