Rudolfo Carillo's post about computers and art kinda got sidetracked with a Golden Pride/Fried Discussion instead, and so I'm starting a new post....

Where is the best breakfast burrito in town? and where can you get one 'round the clock?

I've only had one so far since moving here in July. At RB Winnings Cafe (it was good).
I tried to order one somewhere else, but they only served them at breakfast time...

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Llantas Aponchadas on 85 in Pajarito (South Valley).
Stove-cooked, flat on the bottom and nice, round and fluffy otherwise.
Enjoy one with a Fat Tire Beer.
Barelas Coffee House on 4th st. Breakfast Burrito Deluxe with hash browns, green chile and side of Spanish rice. Mix rice with hash browns, enjoy!
I am as I type eating a #9 from Golden Pride

I look forward to 1) finishing this breakfast burrito and 2) trying more from this list!
THANKS everyone...
Sounds like when I've called Channel 4 to complain.
I can't believe no one mentioned Burritos Alinstante. Their breakfast burrito with bacon was awesome! Primal and smoky, like it was just cooked up on the edge of a bubbling lava flow (but in a good way.)

Otherwise it's mos def a Dos #4. There's nothing like tucking into something the size of a newborn baby!

As an aside, I think the calabacitas burrito there is one of the most satisfying non-meat things I've ever eaten.
I have come here to start a fight. A fight I believe is worth the electronic wounds and bile I may receive. I think Golden Pride burritos are the most over rated excuses for burritos that you can get in our lovely little burg. Yum, the big, slimy mostly uncooked log of soggy hashbrowns. Mmmm the one or two slices of emaciated bacon that get jammed in there. Not worth the wait, the money or the reputation. But since I poo pooed most peoples favorite, I will offer an olive branch in the form of a couple of places not mentioned here that make Golden Pride burritos look like what they are - tortilla shaped trash bags for old hashbrowns, dry eggs and namby pamby bacon.

Do yourself a favor and go get a bacon burrito with red at Chocolate cafe. Most excellent. Or take a little trip up east central and treat yourself to the most wonderful, decadent and unrecognized burrito in town at Pereas. More of a take out or sit down kind of joint but they will also take the innards of the burrito and jam them in a sopapilla if you'd rather.
There is something odd about a burrito from a fried chicken place....
I thought we' settled this . . . . Burrito Lady on Eubank. Her hours can be kind of a pain but i love her!
The problem with your theory, Cathyray, is that Eubank is on the complete opposite side other world.

It almost seems that by its very nature, a burrito must be convenient to procure.
reminds me of edward abbey's remark about trash on the roadside. something like, "the problem isn't the beer bottle but the road."
Like, OMG simpletons mayor- I just sent a short post about the Frontier/Golden Pride on the

'Show Off Albuquerque' with a dissent of such. I am in total agreement that the Golden Pride burritos are unbelievably gross. The Frontier, in my humble opinion, is loved by default.

I like (not love) La Hacienda's #8 with pico de gallo or their basic #1- have to go early for the really freshy ones. A few blocks from home for me.

My favorite are The Horseman's Haven b/c their green chili is wicked wicked wicked. The only draw back is they are only on the West side and also in Sante Fe, ie; the convience factor.

And yes, the problem Jeff, is the road~ ;]
You Golden Pride haters are crazy...the #7 (carne adovada, beans, eggs) is cheap and delicious, a true New Mexican treat.

BTW, their green chilE is indeed delicious, but the West Side Horseman's Haven closed over a year ago...they were trying to sell surplus equipment from Albuquerque the last time I visited the the Santa Fe branch.


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