Seen any good bumper stickers and window decals lately - political, satirical, inspiring, nonsensical, or just plain stupid? What's on yours?

[Sticker art from

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i only have one sticker, and its this one.
My fave was on my old Toyota Tercel years ago and I miss was a spray-painted stencil which read "US out of NM" I've always meant to make another one but haven't quite gotten around to it....
I have a Cthulhu For President: Why Vote for the Lesser of Two Evils and a Miskatonic University Alumni sticker. I think there's a Dylan and a Stones sticker on there, too. And an "I'd rather be driving my DeSoto." You know, I think I have too many bumper stickers. Probably time to scrape some off. But I'm still planning to vote for Cthulhu.
You are awesome.
Having no car, I covered the wall with bumper stickers I would have put there, the crown jewels of this collection being "Cthul'hu Cola: it's the Surreal Thing!", and a Tricklock sticker. If there was a "US out of NM" I'd get it in a heartbeat. Paradoxically, I'd also get a "NM is part of the US" sticker. People can be so ignorant
I believe that the old bumper sticker that is being referred to said "Get the US out of New Mexico". There was also a billboard with the same message down by Los Lunas in the 70's.
no stickers. just mud.

"fly low and avoid the radar, baby"
No stickers on the bumper of the car, but stickers on the Grumbeckle's carseat! We had to come up with something to cover up all the ridiculous safety warning stickers that cover nearly every square inch of the seat.

So far, we've only found one that is worthy of permanent placement on such an important item:

BCH - Barelas Coffee House
Where is this?
I also like Michael Thomas Coffee on Carlisle near Gibson.
On 4th Street in the oldest neighborhood in town - Barelas. Here's Gil's thrilling review:
We love this place!
I just got complimented by a bunch of UU middle school students for one of my bumper stickers:

Need Religion?
Try Burning Bush.
I'm one of those assholes with tons of bumper stickers. I love watching peoples reactions in my rear view mirror at stop lights. They either laugh or get irritable.

I did have a "Bush/Cheney 1984" sticker, but it looked too much like the real thing and somebody tore off my antenna... And a lot of people just didn't get it.

My new favorite:


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