Thought I'd start a discussion about what eveyone collects. I have a very strange assortment of collections: vintage costume jewelry, vintage cat eye glasses, beads, and old cowboy boots just to name a few collections. What do you collect?

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NICE! I spent years looking for one and finally found one by accident at an antique store while on vacation at Catalina Island. I was shocked! what were the odds of that?!
Is yours a young Elvis or older porkchop sideburns Elvis? Mine is the older porkchop variety.
definately got the chops and a high collar, but his face doesn't look too bloated.

where velvet elvises are concerned - I prefer the sequin jumpsuit and sideburns variety.
wow, I used to have a massive International Barbie collection, most of which I inherited in one fell swoop...alas, when I moved from San Francisco the entire bunch landed in the 'you don't really need this' pile. And I didn't (need them) but I sometimes wish I had them still, harumph. In addition to the multicultural skin tones (though aren't they all just the same mold but with varying shades of skin tone and eyemakeup?), they also had a wide array of costumes that were totally worthwhile. My collection also included an original 'Skipper', and her I shoulda kept. I think reading about everyone's collections is almost as exciting as discovering things for my own...almost.
oooh! an original skipper is hard to find and well received by collectors! my collection didn't start until I was almost twenty. My mom bought me the entire Elvis set for Christmas one year because she felt guily for selling every single one of my childhood Barbies at a garage sale when i was like 11. So, she decided somewhere down the line to commemorate special days for me by buying me Barbies. It cracks me up. As a child, I was a total Barbie fanatic. Now, they all stay in their pretty boxes looking gorgeous. I occasionally buy actual vintage ones on ebay and such, but mostly I pick out special release new ones that are showcased on . I just love the new retro molds, and some of the special editions.
I collect books, mostly, and in haphazard fashion, vintage cameras, vinatge telephones, and cunning little boxes. I have two vintage typewriters and if I had the room to properly display them, I'd collect more. I have a collection of vinyl records but not because I'm purposely trying to collect them. And my house collects dog hair. :-)
I use to collect diecast cars when I was a kid, I must have had about fifty or sixty. Then one day my son began collecting them. He soon gave up but I kept on going. At last count I have over 3,000 hotwheels, matchbox, and johnny lightning cars. I also collect starships from Star Trek - one day I just might grow up!
Even though I practice simplicity and have a rather minimal household, I do have a few collections. Vintage kitchen items - that I use, and rock art posters of which I have way too many.
sideshow and "Ripley's Believe it or Not" oddities...though that has been a hobby beyond my means since I moved to this town. I was fortunate to have the chance to travel to the homes of retired carnies and showman and bought the pieces directly from them. The best part was sitting down and having them show me their photo albums "lemmie tell ya somethin' kid, every bearded lady I hired I lived to regret!" Then ebay came along and took that part of collecting (doing research, tracking down the contact, traveling, hearing old stories and making friends) out of that kind of specialty collecting...
I collect Bakelite jewelry, Barcloth and Kokeshi dolls.
Does anyone know if Bakelite finds are even able to come across in the SW?
LEX, I've found lots of Bakelite in town. In the old days (1980's) you could pick stuff up in thrift stores really cheap. But now you mostly get it at antique stores or estate sales. Larry's Hats on Central always has a good selection at very reasonable prices. The Antique Connection and there's a wonderful place on north Fourth Street, just north of Los Ranchos Elementary near Ranchitos Rd. I can't remember the name of that place, but it's an old Victorian looking house with an amazing collection of bakelite and mexican silver. Good luck finding the good stuff!!
WOW! Thanks for this info. I was living int he South prior to NM and there you can find Bakelite in the trees after hurricanes! Just kidding.
but it was very popular int he 40's because it went with allt he kitchy Boca Raton stle art deco favors.
I'll check those stores out that you mentioned...


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