For those who care, the rumors appear to be true: there are signs proclaiming "Jack in the Box coming soon" up at the SW corner of San Pedro and Central, just N of El Mesquite.

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When they open, I'm going to go down there, gorge myself on Ultimate Cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and go into a displaced-Californian food coma. You've made my entire week.
Don't be afraid of their taco-like food substance. Though it audibly clogs arteries, they're terribly addictive!
best mystery meat evah!!
how long before the e-coli outbreak? ;) when I think Jack in the box, I think about the big ecoli outbreak they had. I know they've probably changed their food preparation and other in-house rules since then to avoid another big PR nightmare for them.
after the third time of having to return to the scene of the crime and complain about the raw patty in my burger, i finally had to give them up. i hope they figured out how long to cook their meat.
Fall 2008 is the scheduled opening for the Central/ San Pedro location. There are currently 10 of them in the works (7 in ABQ, 2 in Rio Rancho, and 1 in Santa Fe). The next to go up is supposed to be in the Paseo corridor (near San Pedro), and then the westside location...all to be opened by the end of 2008. Laura Olguin from Phoenix is the franchisee for the New Mexico market. Part of me wishes she would buy the old locations (Wyoming/Central..Lomas/San Mateo...University/Central...) just for the nostalgia

Oh..and I'll take a Sourdough Jack...with a couple of tacos.....
Does anyone know if they are still opening in ABQ? The sign at San Pedro and Central seems to be gone.
Says a lot about a person when they can take a couple of comments about a restaurant and use it to draw conclusions about an entire city.
Back in the day when Frontier closed at midnight, and there was little else open, the Jack in the Box was about the only place to grab a bite to eat after a night of cruising or a Double feature at the drive in.
I wonder if the commercial credit markets turned tough for those people that wanted to bring JiTB's to Albuquerque and now they can't get the credit they need to get the franchise operating in town.

Or maybe the economy slowing with fast food joints everywhere doesn't make it a good atmosphere to open up the JiTB's now and they will be delayed.

I haven't seen any recent reports of another JiTB salmonella outbreak, so any franchise wanna-be shouldn't get cold feet about opening them up in town.
i'm not a fan of jack in the box restaurants but as for the DeAnza Motor Lodge, he is doing this for money..have mr. matthew terry explain how and why he would have managers at his hotels claim that when they leave unexpectedly "stole" money from him and he can't? strange huh? well, he would not pay to keep up the nob hill motel,the city shut it down and the town lodge motel AFTER he moved other residents from the nob hill motel to there!!! hey what a concept!!! shut down one place to make room to shut down another,hmmmmmmmm??!! what's next matthew? shut down the DeAnza and put more people out on the street? explain it matthew!!
Hmmm...strange. The De Anza has been shuttered for many years, is owned by the city, and is currently slated for public use as a media arts charter school. Are you alluding to something else?


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