So what concerts did you get to see at the Civic? I know my big sister got to see Jimi Hendrix there. I didn't get to go to any concerts there until way late in the game. I saw Stevie Ray Vaughan and Cindy Lauper - not together. And my high school graduation was there too.

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Nice shows!
Two notable Civic concert stories, besides having had my graduation commencement at the Civic as well...went to a smaller dance type concert, in probably 1984-ish....a country western band, a fairly decent singer leading the band....some little known., at the time, fellow name of George Strait...! Just a regular dance-concert!

The other, very notable, was in H.S. still in '73, I'd say it was maybe October, had tix to see Grand Funk Railroad...arrived very close to show time because of work, as I was getting through the gates, there was a lot of commotion with people trying to get in, throwing bottles at the security guards...crazy stuff.....and while in line to go in, in order I assume to calm the crowd a security guard fired a gunshot into the air...oh boy. Well I get inside and figure they'll all sort it out, we work our way to the front of the floor in front of the stage waiting for Grand Funk to come out, and they do....and open with Some kind of Wonderful...."I don't need a whole lotta money...."...and then they stop mid lyric...drop their guitars, the lights come up...they run off the stage...I look to the back of the civic, (remember those two main halways that came down to the main floor level?)....well there's these clouds of ...white fog? smoke? rolling out of those hallways...the crowd starts to move toward them, since they were the I get to them I realize....TEAR GAS! The next few minutes were a blur...remember nothing but chaos, getting hit by a police baton, while trying to get out.....needless to say...there was no rain check and I don't think Grand Funk ever came back to Albuquerque!
I remember that, I could not go to concerts without the warning to stay away from people with guns, but I have a vague reference that two gangs started fussing and the whole thing blew up after that. I do remember that all the windows had iron grating after that, and didn't Cheech and Chong open for Grand Funk?
Right! ...Dave?......yeah Dave man...let me in.....Dave?........Dave's not here! I did read somewhere they are getting back together to do a concert tour, how about that?
At first I was excited, but since I am middle aged they must be in their 60's
I wonder how funny a live performance will be, if the come to albuquerque and tickets are reasonable (like 30.00) I think I would go
No ABQ dates...looking at some of the venues, tix are not cheap....will wait for the DVD!!
And they have definitely aged, haven't we all?
I just got back from the Judas Priest concert and I sprang for the meet and greet, and Judas Priest (i could see every mile they have been on the road) has nothing on these guys, of course I'm not far behind. But JP put on one hell of a show
God I miss the Civic Center! Such a shame we tear down our history like this. I never got to see concerts there as I was a bit too young, but I do remember the scuffle during the Grand Funk Railroad concert on the news. By the time I was going to the Civic Center it was for small shows like my sister's Dance School recitals. I was in a couple of performances there as a kid as well. By the time I hit concert going age, Tingly was the rage. I got to see Brian Adams, Starship (twice), and others I don't remember at Tingly. What I do remember is the lousy acoustics at Tingly and remembering how great the music at the Civic Center sounded.
In the '68 elections my folks took me to see Hubert Horation Humphrey ("I'm as Pleezed as Punch ta bee Here").

I saw Hall and Oats - me and about 300 people crowded around the stage with a vast amount of emptiness between us and the walls. When they came out one of 'em said "now I know what they mean when they say we bring a small nightclub atmosphere to a large hall!" and gave one of the best live concerts I've seen to this day. Course, not fighting the crowds made it nice.
I don't remember going to concerts but I sure remember going with my parent/grandparents to watch the wrestling matches. Does anybody remember Juan Garcia?
Not sure! I just remember my grandparents going specifically to see him. I think he was a local wrestler. I also remember Ricky Romero being another favorite of our neighborhood. - Martineztown!

We left Albuquerque for a few years - when did they tear downthe Civic?
I saw the Cheap Trick show there, and saw Roy Clark the night after with my Dad. I remember Roy Clark playing the fiddle so fast that it was smoking! The only thing I remember about Cheap Trick is that it was, and still is, the loudest concert I have ever been to! I also saw Ronnie James Dio there after he left Black Sabbath to go out on his own. I played there myself in a battle of the bands (I played in a band called Phaze 5) just a couple of days before they started the demolition. I guess we were the last band to play there!


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