I just moved here about a week ago and now the search is on to find a good pizza joint. Does anyone have any suggestions? I live in the far NW valley but would be willing to travel to other parts of the city to indulge in a good pizza. Thanks!

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Welcome to town!

Great question. Fortunately, pizza is a popular subject on Duke City Fix, so you're bound to get plenty of responses.

Here are a few links to previous Albuquerque pizza discussions to get you started:

Albuquerque Pizza Mystery
Giovanni's: Pizza with Pizzazz

And have you met Gil yet? Gil's Thrilling Web Site is the granddaddy of local food coverage online.
cici's? good lord man!

um if this is what you are looking for try this place
its actual food

Pizza? The best pizza in Albuquerque can be found at the Pie Shack on north Eubank. I live near UNM and it's totally worth the drive. Lots of roasted garlic, yum. Reminds me of places by the beach in SoCal
You must be kidding.

Don't waste your time, go straight to Giovanni's on San Pedro and Kathryn.
I'm with you! Probably my favorite in Albuquerque and it's in my neighborhood. I try to support my local neighborhood businesses when I can and this is some great pizza! Lots of other wonderful menu items as well!
Yo you gotta love Giovanni's
I will 2nd the vote for Venezia's, although ive never been to the Juan Tabo location, but i can vouch for the following location ,

Venezia's Pizzeria
3908 San Mateo Blvd NE,
I agree, Venezia's is the best.
Ouch...sorry to hear that. I have never had a bad experience there. I do like Saggio's as well. I have never had Venezia's though but I have heard a lot about them.
I'm a big fan of the Pie Shack, but Saggio's is pretty good too. I like Dion's, but a lot of people seem to disagree with me on that one, so you may want to try the other places first. I like NYPD downtown (not to be confused with the other NYPDs in other areas of town-- they're part of a chain), too-- they're pretty yeasty, if you like that. Il Vicino is really good if you want a thin crust, they also have pretty much the best root beer I've ever had, which is a bonus.
I like dion's too. they have awesome ranch dressing, which is tasty on their greek salad or to dip your pizza crust in. I'm not a huge fan of saggio's, but they have some tasty pasta dishes on occasion. il vicino is one of my favorite restaurants, but I love the thin crust pizza and some people really prefer something more substantial. for that I recommend golden crown bakery on mountain just east of 12th. they make a tasty, hearty pizza crust, they have delicious canadian bacon (always a point in my book) and they also make great cookies, empanadas, and sweets. plus, they give you free biscochitos when you pick up your pizza. good pizza and *free* cookies!
NYPD agreed! I tried the NYPD on Coors when I first moved here, and was SORELY disappointed - as it wasn't the NYPD I was acclimated to from my time living in Phoenix (which is tasty!).


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