Does anyone know if glass actually gets RECYCLED in Albuquerque? I keep hearing a rumor that any glass dropped off at the recycling centers just goes straight into the landfill. Anyone know more? I am hoping it's just idle chatter.

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Thanks Andrew - I thought I remembered Sir McKay doing a story on this.

Is "stockpiling" really different than "in a landfill?" I have plenty of (um) stockpiles at my house that eventually wind up as, well, trashpiles.
Leonard garcia, take that glass to the recyclers instead of stockpiling it! We pay recycling fees - to do the special collection and to make up the shortfall when it costs more to bundle and transport materials than what can be had from the market price for that item. There is no reason it should be sitting around and not in the hands of someone who will melt it down and prepare it for reuse.
The parking lot is being repaved. The bins will return when the paving is complete.

Is glass really recycled? Does anyone have the latest information on this topic? I see this forum topic is a few years old, but I was recently told that glass deposited in recycling bins around the city is just ground up and deposited in the landfill because the city has nowhere to take it.


I can't find anything to corroborate this on the city website or the Albuquerque Journal website.

I think the city's glass goes to a Santa Fe company. I can't find a link to the story where I heard that but I think it was mentioned in the Journal or on one of the local tv station newscasts about a year ago.

Found this link:


Talks about landfill gas but there is a mention that Growstone has a agreement with the city to use the city's collected glass in their product.

Thanks, Robert S.!

From that EPA web page:

"The City of Albuquerque has partnered with Growstone to recycle the glass collected through the City's recycling program. Growstone crushes the received glass into a powder to make an agricultural soil amendment product that conserves water."

Yes!  I knew there was something like this in place, but I couldn't find any info to post.  Albuquerque Hydroponics and Lighting used to sell this stuff- not sure if they still do...

nearly all of it goes inthe landfill because the transportationcost exceeds any value  this is why we should all drink local draft beer or any draft beer if local is not available  if not draft, then cans can be and are recycled.  



How do you know it goes in the landfill? Do you work there? Did you read about it somewhere? Thanks.


He's a former city councilor for the West Side, so I'm guessing he has the inside scoop...
Growstone does not have a facility at the landfill? I'd think (based on the info I've found) that they would take custody and do some initial processing of the glass at their facility at the landfill and then they would pay transport costs to send the glass to wherever they do the final finishing steps of creating their product.


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