The skies are hazy and the air is thick, thanks to our neighbors to the west. Last night was particularly bad, with KOB running a banner asking people not to call 911 to report a fire. Also, my swamp cooler has been rendered useless. Boo.

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My heart goes out to those folks in Arizona.
Phil_0 and Amy, yes some people are really suffering.  It's clear that those really suffering from the AZ fire are our neighbors to the west, which Hettie blamed for our smoky skies.  Reread her post as I have and note the linky thing pointing at and blaming the true sufferers, not the neighboring State, but the neighbors there under literal fire.  I get the point that smoky air is unpleasant and not a healthy thing to endure, but it will inevitably soon pass.  Perhaps I was a little too sarcastic to the OP (sorry Hettie), but I don't care for the crowd that overprioritizes their personal welfare and perpetually claims victimhood in the face of truly horrendous events happening to others.  No house in ABQ has burned to the ground due to this event yet.

okay, I'm calling bs on the concern trolling going on here. according to hundredaire, if you have a household in abq where someone has asthma (or allergies or other respiratory issues), commenting on the inability to use your home cooling system because of the health problems inherent in smoke and particulate matter is an "obscenely overdeveloped sense of entitlement." we aren't allowed to discuss this because the same fire that is causing distress for people in nm has resulted in people in arizona being evacuated from their homes (due in large part to a century of federal policy regarding fire suppression that's created conditions which lead us to the catastrophic fires we've seen in the west over the last couple of decades, but that's another post). nowhere does the original post say anything that implies one ought not to feel sympathy for others who are affected by the fires. but apparently the lack of an over "oh let's pray for them" is the same as saying "well screw them."  logic, you're doing it wrong.


of course, by hundredaire's distressed logic, the folks who've been evacuated from their homes in az have no grounds to lament their situation because no one there has lost their life and such lamentation is inappropriate in the face of 139 people losing their lives to a tornado in joplin, mo. although, those folks in joplin, according to hundredaire, ought to beware of any "sense of entitlement," seeing as how their tragedy is naught compared to the 15,000+ people who were killed by the japanese earthquake, tsunami, and continued aftermath. but then again, when seen in the light of the 2004 tsunami in the indian ocean that killed over 230, you see how absurd this kind of "how dare you, your woes aren't big enough" calculus becomes?


concern troll (#3 via urban dictionary): "A person who lurks, then posts, on a site or blog, expressing concern for policies, comments, attitudes of others on the site. It is viewed as insincere, manipulative, condescending."

It's really not that hard to hold two thoughts simultaneously: sorrow for the people caught up in the fires and sympathy for those stuck in closed-up houses with no cooling. It doesn't equate the two conditions.

In addition to no cooling, the citizens of Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and a wide swath of New Mexico beyond that have also been breathing dangerous levels of particulates every night since Friday.

And you're absolutely right...bemoaning the major air quality problems in Albuquerque in the original post - in no way bespeaks a lack of concern for those living in close proximity to the fire. Sympathy for the people in Alpine in no way requires that those of us here in New Mexico clam up about the fire's effects here. It's absurd to suggest those two points of view are mutually exclusive, or that expressing a dislike for successive nights of dangerously polluted air a la the original post means someone holds a cavalier attitude towards those in Arizona. (Let's not even get into whether Fukushima or Joplin have anything at all to do with this discussion).

Hettie, you are certainly free to discuss anything you wish, but that doesn't mean your discussion is immune from criticism.

I  will exercise my right to be critical of anything I wish, including the unsavory practice of claiming victimhood at the expense of the victims.

I have criticized your posting, which has nothing to do with concern trolling. If I were concern trolling you, according to the definition you have chosen to highlight, I might  be expressing my insincere and condescending  concern for your previously undisclosed physical malady.  Your own link to the urban dictionary contains 5 definitions and you have left out the one that best  illustrates  the readily apparent purpose of your citation.  Note that  # 5 states "A phrase of absolutely no meaning, used by bloggers to shut down debate on their sites".

"I  will exercise my right to be critical of anything I wish, including the unsavory practice of claiming victimhood at the expense of the victims."


Therein is the problem.  You're claiming this shit out of thin (though smoke-filled) air.  When was there ever any evidence of, ahem, the unsavory practice of claiming victimhood at the expense of the victims (I have a hard time even typing that with a straight face)?

For those of you that have never read our moderation policy
Bring in the animals too, poor things.

Last evening was semi-apocalyptic! and this could continue until the monsoons hit it.

Maybe we can move on from personal sniping to the real issue here.

It appears likely that these fires were started by illegals who were trying to keep warm as they moved north thru the mountains.

Our lack of federal immigration policy / enforcement has become much more than a social issue.


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