The skies are hazy and the air is thick, thanks to our neighbors to the west. Last night was particularly bad, with KOB running a banner asking people not to call 911 to report a fire. Also, my swamp cooler has been rendered useless. Boo.

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I just read through about 20 articles on-line and the only reference i could find to how the fire started was that it is human caused and under investigation. It has been an extremely dry spring so campfires, car exhaust, dropped cigs are all possible causes and could have been perpetrated by anyone.


NM Fire info

Az news story

AZ observatory

That AZ Observatory article gave me my nerd fix for the day. Pyrocumulonimbus clouds. How cool is that! Right up there with ash cloud volcano lightning. I feel for those affected by this fire, but still, nature rocks!
Blame it on "the illegals?"  Seriously?  Dude.
That's what the ranchers say. They have no evidence, though, and the last 4 human-caused fires in that part of AZ were either set intentionally or rancher-caused. I don't know much about the niceties of border-crossing, but it seems to me like a nice roaring campfire would be just about the last thing you'd want if you were trying to avoid detection.

Ranchers have been using undocumented migrants as a scapegoat for everything under the sun for some time now.  


Necessities, I would think would be first and foremost:  water.

Why is it that people must desacrilize individuals for any reason. Really? "Illegals?" Why blame *undocumented immigrants* for this fire when it is common for NM fires to be caused by general negligent behavior. Why would an AZ fire be any different? This smoke is unfortunate, but it is distasteful to twist this into an immigration policy issue.


the other day i was JOKING to my wife that i'll bet we'll hear someone claim the fire was started by some tuberculosis-carrying illegal immigrants in an anchor-baby camp...


Stirring up the liberal bias on this site is much more fun than playing with matches.

Oh Yea, almost mised the real story.

It was the ranchers burning down their subsidized federal grazing land just so they could blame it on illegals to get attention for their right-wing agenda.


The "real story" so far (beyond the fire itself) is that no one has any idea how the fire started. Local ranchers jumped to blame "illegals," but there's absolutely no evidence to substantiate that at this point, and as a former resident of that neck of the woods I can tell you that people are quick to blame illegal migrants for just about everything. No need to raise any righteously-indignant right-wing hackles just yet...
I know who was responsible for the Wallow fire:  a selfish asshat.  Basta.

This whole thread cracks me up.


Cheers, Mi3ke


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