I was checking out Brendisimo's avatar which is of a tall black fixie. Super nice. I've been seeing them all over the place lately. At Two Fools, I met a fireman who had the exact same first and last name as me, and a yellow fixie. My buddy Pete just had a custom fixie made. At the Open House Weekend in Marfa, TX this year (which also happens to be a great town to bike around), it was fixies galore.

To my questions:
Will a fixie make me a credible hipster?
Do the hills magically flatten with a fixie?
If I get a fixie, will I get laid?
Fixie: fad or forever?

Can the fixie fans break down the fascination for me? (I think I know but want to hear it from a true devotee.)

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is that paramount anywhere to be found? I have a serious affinity for that bike and they're not easy to find.
Bad memories about fixed-gear bicycles. My Uncle and Cousin are avid cyclists who live in Allentown, PA, home of the Lehigh Valley Velodrome.

During a summer visit as a kid a million years ago ('79? '80?), my Uncle gave me one his spare bikes to use to toodle around on. Mind you, they'd been racing for years and it never occurred to anyone in the family to tell me about this whole fixed-gear thing.

South Whitehall Township is hilly. In fact, all of PA is made up of steep hills and less steep hills. We don't have hills that even remotely compare to PA hills in ABQ.

So, I hopped on the bicycle, started down the hill out of the driveway and quickly had to negotiate a sharp right turn onto a different street. I suddenly realized that there were no brakes and started screaming. My cousin shouted, "Slow down your pedaling!!!" when he saw the disaster unfolding. I tried to, but there was too much momentum and wound up careening off of the curb and soaring --- with the bike --- into the little stream at the foot of the hill. (Did I mention that this was back in the day when pedals had toe clips that you slid your foot into and tightened down with a strap?) It was spectacular, by all accounts. Because the only way me and my cousins could get to the sports club that had the swimming pool was by bike (my Aunt & Uncle refused to drive us), for the rest of the summer, I would only ride the bike up hill and walked it down. It took a loooong time for me to get anywhere.

The good part about that summer is that I got to meet both Beth and Eric Heiden (cycling compliments speed skating for training) and watch some great races at the velodrome!
So this is a bicycle! aha! I'm with Benny on needing some speeds. I miss my bad banana seat chopper with the playing card in the spokes and the huge flag.
Benny: [[But you're right, the "fad" is by no means new (does that mean the answer to the thread is "forever"?)]]

It may seem like forever to you, sonny boy! ;)
it took me a while to figure out what the heck you've been chatting about!

i bet the very first bike every made was a fixie. what do you think they called it back then?
1. I think if you ride your fixed gear bike while wearing incredibly tight, and possibly women's, jeans you'll be a credible hipster.
2. Hills do not flatten with a fixed gear bike.....climbing a hill with a fixed gear can be a lot more difficult because you can't change gears (obviously) to make pedaling easier.....getting to the top is completely dependent upon increasing your effort. It makes you a stronger rider without any doubt.
3. Yes.

A personal note:
The things I love SO SO much about fixed gear cycling are the much increased feeling of connection to the road and the simplicity of the machines themselves. You're not messing around with gears and brakes and all that junk, you're just riding, and if there is a problem with the bike while you're enroute it will be MUCH more easily identified and repaired. Another thing is that because of the simplicity of the machine you can concentrate on your cadence, breath etc. One's mind is also free to focus on the road and hazards therein, like cars, potholes, used condoms........
One major caveat for anyone considering giving fixed gear cycling a try,especially if you choose not to have brakes, is to make absolutely SURE your chain is tensioned properly.....if it comes off while you're riding you can get yourself into big trouble very quickly because you have no safe way to stop......also, I'd recommend having at least one brake (front) at first until your muscles and mind are used to the mechanics of the ride. It's just wise to have a backup.
Bueno, pues.
Next time you encounter a fixie aficionado, say, "That's a single gear, right?"
It's like poking a strange dog with a stick, but with slightly less risk of rabies.

I gotta say I see the appeal in the abstract, for all the reasons mentioned above, but I fear I don't have the technical skills to commit to the fixie--I'm still trying to master curbs, for goodness sake. But it was love at first ride for me & my Rockhopper, so I don't really feel like I'm missing out. Just get the wandering eye occasionally...
OK this is just silly and it must be a fad. If you want simplicity to tool around town with just get a single speed with a coaster break seems much safer. If you actually want to improve your cadence then maybe a fixie would be appropriate. Oh and if fixies were cool in the late seventies early eighties then BMX bikes must be the next big thing, I personally think that would be RAD!
Fixies will make your knees as fit as a Pixie's. That's smexy right there.
Where do I begin...

Unfortunatley I think it's a fad.

If it's a steel/lugged/home-made/swap-meet/frankenbiked-out/one-off fixie, then you may be able to join their club... my feet are too wide for Converse sneakers, so I'm out.

Marfa may skew your numbers though... too many TTU/UT/RICE/UofH architecture students (all known hipsters).

The only thing my fixie has helped me lay is my face on the pavement.

I still love it though.


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