We went on the lookout for a good sports bar to watch some Elite Eight action last weekend and were unimpressed.

Sneakers was a little too big and spread out and the service was bad even by NM standards.
Gecko's had a poor layout and was only showing the tourney on 2 TVs. The others were showing fishing (!?), hunting (???!!), and chics crying on TNT (!!!!!?????). I'm a chic and I want some good sports and wings!

What is the best spot in the Duke City to eat some wings, watch sports, and just hang out? Preferably a place that actually plays the TV sound instead of music. (cheap drinks or a plus!)


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I like Sneakerz, although admittedly the best TV sports viewing area there is at or right near the bar... They've got two volleyball courts out back! Along with many dart boards, ping pong!, pool tables, foosball, even an arm wrestling table; also, their food (calzones, pizza, wings, burgers,etc.) is very good and reasonably priced. I've always had decent service there too.
I've heard Sidelines is pretty good but have never actually been... any thoughts?
I'd have to cast my vote in favor of Fox and Hound, recognizing that the choices are few and/or not that great. Good beer selection, okay wings.

I know this is duke city fix but Turtle Mountain in RR is also a decent spot but usually fool to the hilt but good food and great beer!
I'm more familiar with the ABQ area around UNM, but i agree that Coaches is one of the better places in that area to watch a game and eat chicken wings. Their wings are delicious (spicy but a little sweet) and they always seem to be playing the game I'm looking for on at least one TV. Their beer selection isn't the greatest (not many IPAs or porters), but the $2 PBR is nice!


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