I think I've sent out 30 resumes and still no bites. Is it the recession or is Alb just not in the mood for hiring? Then again, journalists are hard to market these days but even the public relations firms don't seem to be interested.

Sorry guys, guess I'm not really looking for responses here, just needed to post a gripe. Then again if you have any ideas of places to be looking I'm all ears (eyes).

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What is your area of expertise? What kind of job are you looking for?
Unfortunately I am a journalist, five years in tv, seven in print and a couple of years freelancing for People magazine. The pickings are slim everywhere for my profession so I'm actually not surprised that I can't find work as a reporter, but I thought public relations/media liason positions would be more readily available. I guess not.
Are you looking to stay in Albuquerque? There are more opportunities (and more people hunting for them, so make sure you've pointed out what makes you unique in your resume) in larger markets. Joining the national PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) would get you hooked into the job network at least, locally the job market gets really tight, the same three jobs seem to rotate around every six or eight months.

Sophie's right, it is a lot about who you know, especially out here. If you can, start attending state and regional PRSA Conferences (which are great places to get your networking groove on). Isn't the MarCom mixer coming up soon?

For local jobs, sending out resumes won't get you far. You need to meet people in person and develop a quick rapport. Most people get jobs here by knowing somebody- since you're out of state your first step is making sure somebody knows you. Maybe some DCRer will have a lead for you ;-)
Sophie is right. In my 30+ years of employment, I have always been hired through networking. I have never gotten a job from answering ads.
I believe in that 100 percent as well but I do not have many contacts in New Mexico. To be honest, that's why I started posting on this website because it seems to attract a large demographic of people in the area.

I know if I was in Albuquerque I could get a job because I can sell myself in person. But I can't go to Albuquerque without having a job because it's just not something our family can afford right now.

That said I am networking, making phone calls and sending resumes. My feelers are out and anyone that I've ever known that lives in New Mexico is being tapped for information and leads. I am confident but still can't help being concerned because of my industry in particular and the economy of the nation in general. That and from what I'm gathering, jobs in Albuquerque are scarce because everybody likes living there so much and don't ever want to leave.

So you guys ready to network? Let's do it.
Hey Rod, tickets on Southwest Airlines to/from Albuquerque are super cheap right now. Setup some interviews and come on down!
wow, i'm impressed. i just figured airfare everywhere was going to get more expensive because of all the airlines shutting down.
That's the spirit! Although hopefully you won't have to do that! Let me know if you are in town courtesy of one of those cheap SW fares and we can grab a cup of coffee (sounds like a networking opportunity for everyone on here.. hint hint) :)
Why not keep freelancing? There are always publications looking for good writers.
I am looking for one based in New Mexico but would be willing to travel if that is a requirement of the job.

And yes I have talked to some journalists there, although just a few. Certainly there's no shortage of news it seems but new hires for full-time positions are rare just as people here have posted.
The good thing about People is that if the celebs are in town, they'll take a story. And New Mexico is hot on the radar as far as filming goes so perhaps there will be more opportunities there.


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