I think I've sent out 30 resumes and still no bites. Is it the recession or is Alb just not in the mood for hiring? Then again, journalists are hard to market these days but even the public relations firms don't seem to be interested.

Sorry guys, guess I'm not really looking for responses here, just needed to post a gripe. Then again if you have any ideas of places to be looking I'm all ears (eyes).

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Thanks for the list Andrew. Any others that you can think of or is that it for the Alb. area? I've come across most of these using online searches but some of them are new.
Has anyone ever thought about creating a group on here where potential employees could market themselves, post their resumes, etc? Or where people could post a job--we have an opening where I work but wouldn't know where or if I could put it on here.
My hubby just got his job 6 months ago (in the high-tech world) from HelpWantedNewMexico.com
I am from here, and know how important the "who you know" thing is out here. After many months of searching, he wasn't having any luck with our networking connections, and posted his resume there and ended up getting some good calls from employers. I know it's just one more site to post on, but at least it's local!

Good Luck!!
the site is down right now but i'll definitely check it out later, thanks.

Are you interested in politics or some cause or other?  Getting involved in a campaign--either for a candidate or a cause or a party--could be a road to success.

Rod, I publish a list of jobs and links to some great resources you may find of interest.  My email is sasacco@aol.com if you'd want a copy of my lists... good searching!  Stacy Sacco


Here are a couple of other lists you may find of interest... good reading!  Stacy



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