Anyone got recommendations on personal training in the ABQ area? I could always find a gym that has it, but I would rather go with someone that has a good reputation. Thanks!

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You might want to ask Tom Morris, the Fitness Technician (fancy way of saying "Personal Trainer") instructor at CNM. I went through the certificate program and Tom knows a lot of the very reputable trainers in the area. Plus people who go through his program usually end up with NSCA or ACSM certification. Tom's a good guy and I'm sure could give you a list of people to check out. I don't have his number offhand, but he should be available through the CNM Web site.
Rachel with Resolutions. She works out of Liberty Gym (by the San Mateo Pavillions).
I'm a certified trainer in ABQ and SF. Please check out my website

Dan 505-573-6995


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