2014 New Mexico UFO Conference on October 4 in Rio Rancho

The New Mexico UFO Conference will be held on Saturday, October 4, 2014 in Rio Rancho, New Mexico:



It will start from 1:30 p.m. and will end at 7:30 p.m.

It will be held at the Sabana Grande Recreation Center.

4110 Sabana Grande Ave., SE

Rio Rancho, New Mexico 87124



David Marler (Triangular UFOs)

Norio Hayakawa (UFO Culture)

Michael Schratt (Man-made UFOs)

Greg Valdez (Dulce Base)

Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky)


The admission fee is $20.



This is not a typical UFO conference.

There will be no vendors of any kind.

(The only tables are reserved for the speakers only with their materials).

The purpose of this conference is to address the puzzling nature of this phenomenon in a serious manner, whether you agree or not with its validity

There seems to be an ever widening gap between "believers" and "skeptics".

And where does our concepts of "reality" fit into all this?


Immediately after the conference, there will be a free tour to a night sky-watch at a "secret" location with a great view of Manzano-Sandia Military Base, a military test facility complex established in 1947:



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This "secret location" is right next to Ground Zero where on May 22, 1957, a Hydrogen Bomb was accidentally dropped from an Air Force plane (just south of Kirtland Air Force Base control tower.

Hydrogen bomb fell near Albuquerque in 1957:


New Mexico UFO Conference on YouTube:


Greg Valdez to speak at the New Mexico UFO Conference on October 4, 2014


Greg Valdez, former New Mexico State Patrol officer (and son of the late Gabe Valdez, New Mexico State Patrol officer in charge of Dulce, New Mexico area for many years)........Watch this video:

A "conference" about UFO stories, not a conference about UFOs. The story behind the story is the $20 fleecing of those individuals who show up the listen to a six hour rehash of sixty seven years of mumbo jumbo alien presence claptrap. Rhyolite 38 Level Three Security Clearance required to attend.

Readers can find an original New Mexico UFO story at the Internet address below. Although it is written in a serious tone, and the two men who testified to its validity and are quoted in the story appear to be serious believers, the author, then a reporter for the Socorro/Magdalena Mountain Mail, is a skeptic, who nonetheless wrote it as it was presented by the sources.. The site described by the two men (then young boys) is located a short distance west of San Antonio, N.M., at I-25 milepost 139. The story was picked up originally by Rense, on the Internet.,and has since been spread to many media sources with fresh quotes from the two San Antonio boys who say they heard the UFO crash, then located it. The story was published in the paper's Halloween edition as a "heads-up" to readers. Note the disclaimer at the bottom of the Rense story.


Lies and the lying liars that tell em. Same old spiel. Always a government cover-up so complete that nothing has leaked out in decades. Without the conspiracy angle, the UFO crowd would be out of business. And take this for what it's worth: Twenty dollars to hear Norio et. al. talk for five hours is $20.00 too much. The entire afternoon will be nothing but a rehash of sixty seven years of UFO, alien abduction, underground bases, mutilated cattle  BS. And attendees will need a Rhyolit 38 clearance to get in along with a twenty dollar bill. Maybe Phil Schneider's ghost will be there to tell the Dulce underground base shoot out whopper again. Regards 


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Thank you Adelita.  Got the message.


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