I don't need no fade, buzz, spike, crew, caesar, mohawk, texture, Donald Trump ... you get the picture?

I don't color. My hair is very fine and straight. I'm not balding.

What I need is a competant hair cut for $25 - $30 including tax and tip.

Every haircut I have had in the 18 months has been a disaster. Its grownout for four months since the last one, someone asked me if I had had a brain operation and had to have part of my head shaved. I have listened to friends' suggestions for cutters around town ... my mistake. I have paid more than $25.00, that doesn't seem to make a difference. Over the last several years when I have found someone, they invariably leave town.

I'm open to suggestions, please.

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Try Christina & Friends barber shop on Central east of Wyoming. $12 plus tip.
I had a hard time finding a reliable, consistent, and inexpensive haircutter in town as well. Check out Hairs To You, Montgomery at Carlisle, best I've found.
I like the Nob Hill Barber shop. $15
$8 haircuts at UNM campus in the basement of the student union.
That seems like a bargain, but I'm not a UNM student / alum ... if it would make me look 18-22 again it would be cheaper than a "lifestyle lift" ( not that I would have that done ... seems like too many complaints about it ... at least hair grows back )

I have not had time this week to make a pick from the hat, so other suggestions are still welcome.
You don't have to be an alum or student at UNM to access the UNM campus haircuts.
try The Barber's Shop 3712 central ave se. we provide hot towel face shaves, all types of cuts from razor fades tapers flat tops pompadours designs and much more. we also carry the largest supply of pomade and hair grease in nm. haircuts include neck shave and shampoo all for $15, and college students dont forget your id we offer student discounts. haircut prices are $15 face shaves are 20 both for 25. seniors and college students are just $10. we also give discounts for groups, and wedding parties try us out!!!! walkins welcome appts accepted.

The Barber's Shop
3712 central ave se
I'd be curious to know what you've found, do you have an update for us.
I don't know what part of town you are looking at but Da Shop in the south valley is great.  You can get any type of haircut you want.  $10 + tip.  Barbershops are cheaper and better than these hair salons in town.  My opinion
If you want a nice, quiet old-fashioned 2-chair barber shop, I recommend Park View Barber shop, 629 Amherst Dr NE, 268-9292.  It's near Nob Hill, just South of Lomas and a block West of Carlisle. My husband and I have been going there for many years.  I've seen Dick Knipfing there.  A wash, cut, and blow dry is $20, and you can usually get right in.  They are open 7 am to 3pm Tuesday - Friday. 
Is it a bad sign that so few of the people recommending barber shops in this thread have a picture of themselves in their profile?
Those that use barber shops are not vain.  :)


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