Recently started getting the Sunday paper delivered to my casita and was pleasantly surprised to see the online version has a new look. Change is cool.

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I love change.  I like people not hanging on to the status quo.  But.


It is so awful I can barely describe it.  I shudder to think how many mythical man months were spent on this.  Click on the "learn more", and you hit a PAY WALL.  Nice job enticing people to subscribe, guys.


I WANT to see local newspapers survive, but this is getting hard to fathom.  Please, Journal, give us some hope - I like to write for y'all and I love helping people find their next favorite restaurant, but I am worried.

Wow. The old site was so bad it made me want to poke my eyes out when I was forced to view it. This is only slightly better. I think they make the site awful so people will still subscribe to the newspaper.


I love that I can pay 99 cents to read today's Journal when the actual paper is only 50 cents. There are so many wrong and offensive things about this site it could be used to as the only example in a class about how not to design and run a newspaper website.

it is pathetic that our rinky-dink hometown paper charges for online access.  there are almost no major papers that do this (nyt just started), yet somehow the journal thinks that they are worthy of charging for access to their "news".  this arrogance is the exact reason why the entire print media industry is dying.  given this fact, however, i guess they need to get what they can while they can.
Now (a little) less Ugly!
From bad to worse.

Newspapers have never made the bulk of their money from subscriptions, but rather from adverstising... which is why I don't understand the whole pay to see read the article model.


besides, why would I subscribe to the ABQ Journal online when I can read the LA Times or the NY Times for free.  AND for local news, I have DCF (which frankly rocks!)

How much less does it cost to run a web site with the same news ? A full time web master and a few persons who post the news from hard copy only online ? Much less than a printing press. paper, trucks to drop the paper off person to put the paper on your door step.  What happan to newspapers being run as nonprofit ? Sure cover your cost but do not get greedy.
ah, the albuquerque urinal. a "resource" that kind of makes me wish I was illiterate.
I've always been able to read ABQ Journal stories for free.
No better than before. And their online calendar hasn't worked for at least a week. Still doesn't.


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