To everyone, everyone who wishes/hope/begs for more diverse cuisine in the Duke City, here's your chance. Yay!!!  Go check out Talking Drums on San Pedro and give them a fair shake.

We often talk about wanting Ethiopian or more targeted cuisines - Peruvian, Latin American, Turkish, Polish, what-have-you. Opening a restaurant is scary, hard, and expensive. So for this really ambitious African entry, devote a meal to them. Or two. Report back here.

Order something weird. Order something you think you know. Let them surprise you. 

No, I have absolutely nothing to do with Talking Drums. I just don't want them to go noticed but not patronized until one day they're just gone. If they're weird and wonderful, tell your friends and Duke City Fix. If they're not, well that sucks but tell us that, too, and why.

I am excited and determined to try to help them to either succeed or fail based on their service and food, not for lack of customers.

Talking Drums Restaurant -1218 San Pedro SE- Albuquerque, NM 87108 505-792-3221

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On the to do list for this weekend.

Great news - Thanks for posting!

- Still dreaming of Ethiopian food in ABQ 

Yes! - very exciting news. Thanks for passing this on.

Yay! I'll check it out! Also, speaking of ethnic cuisines, The Filipino Kitchen will be opening up in Nob Hill. I'm looking forward to their arrival!

Yum, thanks for the heads up!

I think that they also have a store attached.  I will be dropping in soon.  Thanks for posting.  

Tried them out lastnight (found them on urbanspoon), 

Had a delightful dinner, wound up getting the peanut soup, came with a large potato ball in it,  both were seasoned wonderfully.  also got some goat meat which was falling off the bone!

the menu is a little confusing,  but they are helpful and nice.  and the small African market next door,(part of it) Useto be on San Metao,  (was one of the only places to buy Guinnes Malta, and really good Ginger Beer) both of those are beverages they serve!

The place is brightly lighted and spacious, (its been a dozen different chinese places in the past)

Thanks for the post Andrea,  ive been talking them up on my Facebook page since lastnight!

We went last night for dinner. Tried two apps - the grilled beef skewers and the bean cake. Both good and nicely spiced. Entree #1: the fresh fish pepper soup - sinus clearing (in a good way) and the fish was tender, probably because it was left on the bone. Delish. Entree #2 - the fufu made from amala (a Nigerian yam) and the spinach/collards soup on top, and added in 3 pieces of falling off the bone goat meat. Very good. Walked away stuffed.

Service was attentive and very patient in explaining all the menu items. The menu itself could use some work to help those of us unfamiliar with many of the ingredients understand what we would get. With tip, our 2 apps and 2 entries came to just over $50 (we left a large tip because of the excellent service).

Definitely will go back.

Thanks- I'll definitely try it out!

It's on the list - especially with all the good reviews below!

Menu looks so interesting. Not sure what I would order. Gonna check it out in the next couplea days...


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