Somewhere, someplace I read that there is a mayoral forum/debate/speech coming up.  I wrote down Tuesday, May 21 (or was it March 21) beginning at 5:30 at a senior center in the north valley.  I should have written down all details but didn't and now cannot locate the information.  Does anyone have the information??

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Found it!

Where did you find it?  Thanks for adding the candidate contact info -- very helpful!

I don't see Gus Pedrotty on that list.  I was impressed by him at the forum. He has a website with his positions on all the issues.

I found it on ProgressNow NM's calendar on their website:

There is a flyer there.  It's sponsored by the Greater Gardner Neighborhood Association (GGNA).  They are the folks who have been fighting the proposed city garbage transfer station on Edith.

Yay for ProgressNow NM!  (GGNA didn't have this on their Facebook page: albuquerque greater gardner neighborhood association, until Brian Colon added it.) 


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