I was perusing ebay when I came across these photos for sale (so mad that I missed this auction - who bought them?) concerning a three day "riot" in Albuquerque in June 1971.

A google search yielded the very interesting recollection at http://www.jamrent.com/coa/riot1971.htm

In a nutshell: a series of misunderstandings beginning at Roosevelt Park (is this place built on Indian Burial Grounds or something?), youth and police bravado led to a 3 day "riot' where several business were looted and/or burned down. Several people shot (one innocent bystander supposedly killed by a Circle K owner or employee, the first business burned down), arrested and/or hospitalized. The National Guard was eventually called in to help the subdue the rioters AND police.

Amazing stuff, I had no idea. Do any Fixers have any connection?

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Thanks for this. It was very interesting to read first hand accounts of something I had only heard about. From the notes, it seems less of a political demonstration that I had always heard/ assumed - and more of just aggression and anger with "teh man" coming ot a boiling point.

Would love to hear more.
It's hard for me to believe that 15 people were shot in Roosevelt Park in 1971, as the AP caption suggests. I was here. Why don't I remember it? It sounds like Kent State revisited. But on the other hand, it didn't say anyone was killed. I don't know what to make of it. I do remember the Butterfield Jewelry looting, but just barely. Somebody should go to the library and dig out the microfliche.Vietnam was still going on in 71.
I'm not sure how many people were shot - several were - but I don't believe anyone was killed.
Nope, nobody killed. A neighbor of my claimed he was one of the ones who got bayonetted, but I think he's a BSer.
I had heard of it from an exhibit in Zimmerman Library on UNM (now gone) that was on the history of UNM, and it had that newspaper article in it. It's great to read some eyewitness accounts; sounds an awful lot like what happened recently in Pittsburgh, around the G-20.
I remember the scandal of the Love Lust poem, a challenge to academic freedom, which used the F word. This was on the UNM campus and drew a lot of publicity. It was May 8, 1970, according to the net (Google Heady UNM Love Lust) It says 10 people were bayoneted by national guards. I don't remember the bayonet part. I can't even imagine it.
It would be interesting to find it and post it here as the Sunday poem. How about it Ditchrider.
My memory was that it was a Vietnam protest and that it happened in Yale park (which was a lot bigger then). But I'm getting old and have a poor memory...
I remember those riots, my dad spent the night inside the Frontier restaurant with Larry Rainosek carrying a shotgun to protect the place against looters! JMG is right, started as a Vietnam protest, and escalated into a riot against police and national guardsmen......crazy time!

Yeah, I also remember it involving Yale Park. The art department at UNM had some teach-ins relating to what was going on.

I lived on Pine Street then, near Roosevelt Park. I remember the smell of tear gas that got into the house. I think it started with kids gathering and smoking pot on a hot June day in the park and resenting being rousted by the cops. It didn't have anything to do with the anti-war demonstrations the year before at UNM.

The Albuq. Journal (and the Tribune) should have better records than those few pictures and captions. (I have since read the archived pieces from the link at the top -- I had forgotten there was so much destruction.) You may have to actually go to their morgue (library) for them, or check the microfiche at Zimmerman Library. There were other newspapers going then, too -- probably the NM Independent. And what does VB Price have to say about it?
You know, I think I remember reading something about this in Jim Baca's blog - he may have been a reporter during this time. Would be interesting to know if he has any memories of this.
I don't think the Love Lust poem incident was related to the riots we're talking about here. The poem was written by a famous (though now somewhat forgotten) poet named Lenore Kandel. The controversy at UNM happened because the poem was included as an optional reading assigment by a UNM English professor. Here's the poem (which I think is excellent!):

I want to fuck you

I want to fuck you all the parts and places

I want you all of me

…I am not sure where I leave off, where you begin

is there a difference, here in the soft permeable membranes

…and the taste of your mouth is of me

and the taste of my mouth is of you

and moaning mouth to mouth

…I want you to explode that hot spurt of pleasure inside me

and I want to lie there with you

smelling the good smell of fuck that’s all over us

and you kiss me with that aching sweetness

and there is no end to love

I got this from a very interesting, comprehensive review of Lenore Kandel and her work by John Yates: http://www.divineanimal.com/yates_article_on_kandel.htm

I think it's very unfortunate that the controversies about censorship ignited by the "bad words" in her work got much more attention than the genius of her poetry. Lenore Kandel died on Oct. 18, 2009 from lung cancer.


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