Just saw that six Albuquerque teachers - including one who was my son's advisor at Albuquerque High and one who taught both my kids there - were among 16 just arrested for buying and selling stolen flat screen TVs to other employees and on Craigslist. The TVs were heisted from a tractor trailer in early December.  One teacher I knew well works with "at risk kids."  The other works with special ed kids and was always anxious to share his Christian beliefs.  Both very nice guys.


Add this to the list of items in the "What The Hell Were They Thinking?" category:





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Right there with you - had a lovely chat with my youngest (who attended AHS for a year) yesterday about this. What were they thinking indeed?



This is just plain sad on so many levels. Sad if they did this and are the everyday influence on students, Sad if they chose this way to improve their incomes, Sad for the shame all their family and friends will face, Sad for the victims be they a large company supplying the media or Sad for the unsuspecting buyer if they were so mis-informed to think this could be a legitimate way to purchase. I hope and pray for all the victims and those that engaged in illegal activity and try for some correction to their poor choices in this instance.  For all, I hope for real justice, as rare as that may seem to be these days. For the rest of us let us start this New Year by emphasizing with all our families the better choices we can make that would help each other rather than choose such a destructive pathway for solving problems. I have known teachers that worked all day and then all evening at local chain grocery stores to make enough to feed their families. In a similar period of time I am sure they made and cleared more money in these hard but legitimate ways of increasing their side incomes. God help all of us who have needs.

So sad teachers don't get paid enough and feel they have to do this to, perhaps, make some extra money for the holidays.  It is a shame this country, and especially this state, doesn't compensate their teachers appropriately.  The salary structure for teachers in New Mexico is a total joke.



I don't know where to start with that, Crusty.  First of all, I am married to an APS teacher, who would never "feel he had to" get involved in a racketeering scheme to bring in extra money for the holidays.


One of the teachers involved in this criminal activity (had 9 TVs) is a Health Educator who works with "at risk" kids.  If students complained that entry level jobs for teenagers paid too little, I wonder if he recommended they start selling drugs or stealing stuff instead.


Certainly teachers don't get compensated what they should.  But this kind of dispicable behavior will unlikely lead to improved credibility or pay raises for our teachers..



Average teacher salaries are at about the median income for Albuquerque, and above the median income in most of the state.  We also get twelve weeks off a year, and decent benefits.  I say we because I am one and have no problem with the salary.  Sure, it's hard work, but the pay is not bad at all.  If you want to complain about working conditions or class sizes or school sizes or the New Mexico economy in general I'm right there with you.

I don't get how the teachers became involved in the illegal sales. Were they part of the original group that swiped the TVs?
I am an APS teacher. And yes, we are under compensated.
It's ridiculous to think that an educator would need to do this type of activity to supplement their income. Crime is crime.
Why do you feel you are under compensated? What is your annual salary?

Find the pay scale for Albuquerque Public School teachers and compare it to neighboring states.  The salaries here are indeed much lower than the average in most other parts of the country.


Again, though, that's not what this is about.

APS Teacher Salaries


Teachers are the AT1, AT2 or AT3 schedules.  Most teachers are AT2.  The salaries are pretty much the same statewide.


Thanks Ray, that's exactly what I am looking for. From the APS pay matrix:


"The following schedule is based on a 183 day (6.5hrs/day) work schedule"


That works out to around 1,200 hours a year. I get that there is a certain amount of work that is done at home (grading papers etc.) but really, we're talking part time work here. I'd say the pay is more than fair.

The entry level pay isn't bad.  But the pay raises are small and the top caps off,  so the compensation does not fairly reflect a teacher's education (graduate degrees) or years of experience.  Many good teachers end up being administrators - no longer in the classroom - because it's one of the only ways to make more money.  That being said - even with the vacations - teaching is very hard work and many people aren't cut out for it.  I did it for two years and it was the most stressful job I ever had.


I thought the salaries varied a lot in the state?  I remember reading that Los Alamos teachers made more and even the town of Jal paid more.



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