Amazing clouds of New Mexico - - captured on my inexpensive pocket camera

New Mexico, U.S.A., is truly a Land of Enchantment….in more ways than one.

The skies here in New Mexico are simply gorgeous.
Just looking at the beautiful clouds every day gives me so much peace and pleasure.
For the past few years I have begun to carry with me an inexpensive pocket camera at all times, just to see if I could snap a photo of interesting and beautiful clouds here.

I am not a professional photographer. In fact, I don’t know much about photography or cameras, and I don’t even own a decent camera.
All I know is how to put my inexpensive pocket camera into auto focus and just push the botton at the right moment – – LOL!!

Usually, gorgeous clouds appear around sunset or at dawn, reflecting the sun’s rays on the them.
But sometimes, amazing white cumulus clouds and other interesting clouds appear during broad daylight.
Well, pictures speak more than words.
So, please enjoy the following photos that I have taken:


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Beautiful photo!


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