We have a well-established pomegranate tree in our backyard, and so far it hasn't put out any leaves.  There is a bit of growth coming from the ground at the base of the trunk, but that's it.  I remember that poms are among the later trees to leaf out, but I'm worried.  Were our periods of extreme cold this winter too much for it?  Should I hang on a bit longer before giving up?

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Nothing on mine yet, either. I'm worried, too.
Mine didn't make it through the freeze and neither did my mother's. It was a great, healthy shrub last year, but they really don't like it that cold.
mine looks pretty dead, but I'm not giving up yet.  I plan to keep my eye on it a few more weeks.  So sad :(
mine looks pretty dead...  very sad. it was one of the things that sold me on this house, and my desk is strategically placed so that I can look at the blooms.

Ours, which was planted 2 years ago, sure appears dead. 


Over the weekend, I trimmed the branches, hoping to find some green healthy wood, but found only dry dead limbs.  I keep hoping something with sprout from the roots, but beginning to have doubts.


RivetGang, it sounds bad that you didn't find any green wood when you trimmed.  I do have something sprouting from the roots, but dang, it was a pretty large shrub before the hard freeze.
Hang on a little longer. There is really only one variety of the plant that will grow here and at that marginally. So, as cold as it got and has been and with the winds, i would wait a few more weeks. Just my take on it!

Mine looks dead too and neither the ones at my office nor the one at our neighbor's house show any signs of life. I looked at the base of the plant and it looked slightly green, but that may just be leftover color that was protected by mulch.

We also lost our Bird of Paradise, it has one tiny, sad shoot at the base of what was a 6x8 shrub.

Only 1 of my 3 pomegranates is leafing out. Usually it's so cold down here in the far SV that they die back to the roots each year anyway.

Only 1 of 5 figs appears to have made it. All my rosemary & hardy (!) kiwi appear to have died. Sigh. But I'll give everything another month before I pull em out.

jen, that's great news that you have one of your poms leafing out, particularly in the cold far SV.  Too bad about your rosemary.  The tips of mine died, but not bad.  I'm wondering what I will plant in the place of the pomegranate if I end up having to remove it.  The little desert willow I planted two years ago has died back to the ground the last two winters.

Ours looked dead at the time of this post but it looks like it'll come back pretty well. It's against the side of the house so it didn't get as cold. My next concern is for the Praying Mantes that lay their egg casings on it. We'll know in a couple of weeks.


Glad I didn't dig ours up, all existing branches are dead, but last week it started coming back from the roots.  Growing pretty fast, but the cold this year! was a big set back.


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