Hello! My lady bunny had babies, and I suddenly find myself with too many bunnies! There are six cute, friendly, and soft little babies needing good homes. The mother is a Broken Black(white with black spots) and the father is a Holland Lop(white with light brown spots).

Free to good homes with loving intentions(please no snake food!). :/

Please call if interested. I do not have the internet at home, so reaching me by phone is best.


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Very cute, but your post is a little confusing. The father's breed is Holland Lop, but the mother's breed is not Broken Black, that is her color (hard to tell her breed from the picture--maybe rex mixed with something else). The color of the father is broken tort(ise) shell (if that is him in the first picture).

Good luck!
Beautiful creatures; they look very well cared for. We can provide a good home at our 'outdoor' bunny hacienda if you get desperate; however these are used to being indoors so BunnytownUSA might not be appropriate...Through FREECYCLE I learned of a pet program....To learn more about the Sandia_Petcycle group, please click.

Consider joining the DCF 'burque BUNS group...
Thanks so much for the info! I will look into all the things you mentioned :)
The babies were actually born outside, and have now been moved inside. So I think they'd be happy in ether place. We're still trying to catch two of the quick and illusive ones! :)
Thank you :) That's one of the babies in the first picture, but, yes, the father does have similar coloring. Sorry, I'm not a Rabbit breeder, and just got the mother's "breed" from friend.
I agree that it's good to do one's best to assure that one is placing an animal in a loving home, whether it be "free" or otherwise. My husband and I currently have 4 rescue dogs. 3 were most assuredly bought, one for an exorbitant (in my opinion) amount of money. Surely, once one has researched a prospective owner, it is better to place an animal in a loving home, free of charge, than take it to the pound - yes?!
I was asking a price, but no one seemed interested then. I am not a rabbit breeder; I am just trying to help these babies.
Bunnies can be spayed and neutered. It would be what a responsible pet owner would do.
Rabbits are fairly easy to keep away from other rabbits. That would be the most cost effective approach, I would think.


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