It is absolutely incomprehensible to me why the sale of fireworks is allowed despite the extreme fire conditions in New Mexico. Rumor has it, the Socorro bosque fire was caused by fireworks (KOB TV). Why do these businesses have license to operate during our explosive conditions? What sort of lobby do they have?

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I have never understood what was "patriotic" about fireworks.  Aren't there better ways to celebrate?  Like reflection?
Right on Krista!
There may be better ways to celebrate patriotism, but that is a choice. Eliminating choices that you yourself don't personally find celebratory is not only unpatriotic, but it is anti-liberty.

Hmmm.  Wonder if you'd feel the same way watching your house go up in flames after some liberty-loving asshat shot off illegal fireworks.


Because that's the problem.  People are asshats.  They run red lights.  They yammer on their cellphones and text while driving--hell, they do EVERYTHING BUT drive when they are driving. And yes, they shoot off illegal fireworks by the bucket full. There are so many illegal fireworks that the fire department doesn't even try to go out and find the people shooting them off. But, if you banned fireworks sales in the state, it would be a lot harder/more expensive for people to get the illegal ones and easier to enforce--that is, as long as you could get the Pueblos to agree.  But there, again, you get into asshat territory.  I remember in...2003? we had a nasty drought similar to this one.  Richardson did ban fireworks sales state-wide.  But the governor of Pojoaque, thinking a fast buck was worth more than land and peoples' safety, announced that Pojoaque was open for fireworks business.  So much for the ban on fireworks.  I seem to recall, though, that the other Pueblos' governors peer-pressured him into changing his mind.  



I'm all for a complete and total ban. No fireworks ever. Of course if we did that, folks would just start shootin' their guns in the air.
Start?  They do that now.  With wild abandon.
"I'll give you my fireworks when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!"
Reaches for bucket of water, bag of kitty litter, and hose>>
That's like paper covering rock!  I'm done!
Actually, won't have to pry the fireworks from your hands, as they will have been rather nicely blown off.  (yes, I know you are joking and I am joking right back. Rather darkly.)

Yes. People ARE asshats. People DO stupid things. If my house went up in smoke because of a stupid person doing a stupid thing, I'd take the person to court, not go cry to the government.


Government won't take the stupid out of stupid people. I'm all for implementing ways to reduce the chance of fire, but why don't we focus on EFFECTIVE means of doing that, not jump at the first that sounds good in theory but has proven throughout to history to fail miserably in practice.

Unlike the prison system, our courts haven't yet been privatized. Taking something to the judiciary is, indeed, going to the Government [sic]. I've lived in states that have total bans on fireworks sales. There was a much, much, much smaller percentage of people lighting them off. In fact, the public displays were much grander, and more patriotic experiences as a result as the whole community turned out. That said, a late ban such as this wouldn't prove to be all that effective, I suspect.



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