It is absolutely incomprehensible to me why the sale of fireworks is allowed despite the extreme fire conditions in New Mexico. Rumor has it, the Socorro bosque fire was caused by fireworks (KOB TV). Why do these businesses have license to operate during our explosive conditions? What sort of lobby do they have?

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I thought I read something about this being difficult for each municipality to do, but I can't seem to find the article I'm thinking of. I did find this and this, though. the most annoying part about the last one is the quote from gov. martinez's spokesperson saying she "will support tougher fireworks legislation when lawmakers meet next January." great, that'll be lots of help this summer. why can't she just establish a temporary statewide ban of fireworks sales based on fire conditions? (I know this wouldn't apply to pueblo land, but it's a step in the right direction.)
She should just do it and let the courts sort it out after the 4th.  So far she has done several actions that the courts have had to overturn as illegal.  But she would probably consider this anti-business, and she is against regulation.
It's tragic.  I understand the effort to keep personal liberties, but when those "rights" are hurting not only people and property but our environment and air quality; it's time to give up some of those for the collective good.  Plus, personal fireworks that can be bought are super lame and not even pretty to see!  Just enjoy the big show on the 4th and stop burning our state!!
I heard someone on KKOB-Radio over the weekend who said that municipalities are 'not allowed' to BAN fireworks.  They can only 'restrict certain TYPES' of fireworks within city limits.  It's up to Santa Fe to BAN fireworks in New Mexico.  Follow the money and  we'll have an answer.....maybe...

I hate fireworks.  These days, I really hate fireworks.  Hell, I can't even look at an unlit cigarette or match right now without a tinge of anger...


Our pet dogs certainly understand the stupidity - why can't we?



I agree!  Why can't the gov. declare a state of emergency and ban fireworks, at least temporarily, during the extremely dry conditions?!
We should just ban them permanently. Period. Like Arizona did prior to 2010.
It's really quite disgusting, I still haven't found an answer to the question "WHY can't fireworks be banned?" I saw a news story Stuart Dyson did, but even he didn't answer the question WHY!!! There should be some kind of exception to the rule, like EXTREMELY DRY conditions and fires burning all over the state!!!!
Petition?   or  Rally in Santa Fe?
The risk is simply too great right now, with no promise of monsoon rains, to allow idiotic people access to inflammable items of amusement. Perhaps it would be best if those of us with good judgment would cede our desires to the better good, and push for an outright ban until the fire danger passes.

Unfortunately, all it takes is one person to use fireworks improperly to put potentially tons of people/properties/trees at risk.  I agree that they should be banned for this season.  This level of dryness is also unprecedented.  I say ban fireworks sales and let folks attend the show at Balloon Fiesta Park if they want to enjoy fireworks this year.


I don't think your argument holds up.  Aren't we banning access to certain public lands because of the high fire danger?  Don't we have an outright ban on certain drugs and sex transactions?  And on advertising liquor and cigarettes on TV? 

How patriotic is it to insist on using something so dangerous to everybody under these conditions?


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