A few months back,  ABQ Mag did a list of the best burgers, so I decided to start my own burger tour. The next one is this saturday :

The Best Burgers in New Mexico!!! Burger Tour 4 is Epic. Two of the best burger joints at the same time!!!! The Owl Cafe and Manny's Buckhorn Tavern, Both in San Antonio, NM near Socorro. One hour from Abq, Manny's Won the Throw Down on the Food Network with Bobby Flay.  I have never tried them but I have a hard time believing any place could do a better green chili cheese burger then the Owl . we can all meet at the Kmart parking lot on Carlisle at 10:45 and car pool.

If you are think of going, could you rsvp on my Facebook event page so I can give the restaurants a heads up

I think this link will work::


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I wonder how the Five Guys invasion will play out in Abq's burgerdom.
"15 restaurants over the next five years"
I hope for their sake they get the hang of green chile right away.
5 Guys at $8-$10 a buger doesn't sound like a winner for Albuquerque. And it s a chain like Fuddruckers. I don';t see Fuddruckers mentioned here.
I think we all need to try an Oryx burger!
Ditto to Atrisqueno... that's why the burgers at teh Owl on Eubank arent' mentioned here - only the San Antonio location. Reminds me of how delicious those stews made from dried beef and hamburger helper were after a 10 mile back-packing day - you're just plain hungry!
Little Red's Hamburger hut on Mountain in Old Town is fantastic; Rex's (formerly Bubsters) on San Pedro and Montgomery is pretty freaking amazing too.
Burger Boy is the bomb.
The Buckhorn in San Antonio [hands down].
Little Red Hamburger Hut in Old Town.
Little Red Hamburger Hut is the best I've had in Albuquerque. And, as the owner will typically remind you four or five times before you leave the restaurant, satisfaction is guaranteed.

The Route 66 Malt Shop (near Old Town) runs a close second, although they are in the process of moving to Nob Hill.

Best in New Mexico? I haven't put the time and research into the matter to reach a conclusion yet.
Best in New Mexico ? I'd kind of have to go with Fitzman and say I need more time to sample across the state... but..
I will say Greenside Cafe in cedar crest has a killer green chile burger
was just there, what a town Aan Antonio is with both those hot spots. I like the Griff's burger for tops in ABQ urban area, good shortcake too. Recently hit up Bobcat Bite outside of Santa Fe, probably not 'The' best, but definitely top tier NM burger.
There's a burger joint called Lumpy's on central & 57th that just opened in February. They use all beef angus meat and their buns taste homemade. Hands down best burger I've ever eaten! You choose the potatoes they make your fries with. They even make sweet potato fries. It's a little out of the way but it's worth the drive. I promise you won't be disappointed! Every time I've passed there's been a line.

I'm intrigued by this Lumpy's place. Sweet potato fries, you say?


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