Hello! My wife and I are looking to have a cookout/birthday party for our toddler at a park; the one we wanted (rio rancho) was taken.... But we cant find any good resources on what parks are best in town. So i thought i'd TAKE IT TO THE PEOPLE; so to speak....


What is your vote for a great BIRTHDAY park! or just great parks in general in town!


Thanks alot, cant wait to hear your opinions!

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what do you mean by "taken"? people can't really reserve a park in abq, though you do have to get permission for events for above a certain size or if you're having a bouncy castle, etc. check out this page from the city for more info.


I always see birthday parties at roosevelt park on coal and it's got a great new play area and nice amenities since being rehabbed a few years ago. montgomery park off san mateo (it's behind erna ferguson library and montgomery pool) is another great park, with tons of space and a play structure. good luck!

as to the "taken"... we could have rented the gazebo as we planned, but apparently a church is holding a fundraiser in the park and they expect hundreds of people; so we decided, it may not be best... thanks for the input!

ADO has a nice playground that is fenced in- good way to control small children- and a large parking lott to set up a cookout and grass for a picnic.  However, soccer starts soon and Saturdays in particular will be busy.  This will also be true of just about any park in Albuquerque that has enough grass for a half size soccer field.  You might want to call AYSO and see what parks they do not use on Saturdays if that is the day you want.



I see a lot of birthday parties happening at my local haunt - Hyder Park. It's a little tucked away. Lots of shade.
The park in Los Ranchos on Rio Grande Blvd is a nice place for a kids party.
Montgomery Park in NE always looks hoppin'.
Los Altos Park is great and then there's the Elena Gallegos picnic area in the foothills
Altura park, lots of trees and open space and a nice little kid playground

Altura, Summit, and Hyder are great parks for events because of the shade. Hyder has no climbers, though. Since you have a toddler, that may be a desirable feature. Mary Fox Park downtown is also really sweet, has a climber and is very shady. Its small, but not usually very crowded. And of course, there is Tiguex at Mountain and 18th. This is where we have had a number of birthday parties. Its a very large park, so there is enough room for most everyone. And they have climbers and slides, etc. I might also consider Kit Carson Park which is in the Country Club neighborhood across from the Tingley Ponds area. Its a neat park and location, but it can also be a little trashy.


Probably best to search for public events at any of these parks just to make sure you won't bump against another (though of course it won't include borthday parties). And if you are planning to have a jumper, there are only a few parks in the City where that is allowed. You can go to the city site and just search for "jumpers parks" and you will find the list.


Good luck!

Roosevelt's got great shade too.

I was hoping someone would mention Kit Carson.  It's a HUGE park, right by the river, with plenty of mature shade trees and a playground that's always crawling with kids.  I see bouncy equipment and cookouts there all the time.


Also, Phil and Hettie's recommendation of Roosevelt Park is a good one, though with the Lead/Coal construction that might be a bit difficult to get into and out of.

Now that Coal's back open, it's pretty much a straight shot off of I-25.


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