Does anyone have a really great vet they recommend, esp for cats?  We have a 12-year-old cat who takes thyroid medication.  We will be moving to Albuquerque soon and need to have a good vet lined up for him.

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Faith Flower (Yes, that is her real name) at Lomas Veterinary Clinic, has taken care of my guy for many years and I highly recommend her.
I second Dr. Flower!  She is on Lomas near 12th St. and also has Saturday hours.  Her staff is professional and she is both knowledgeable and kind.
Cute Kitty! What part of town are you moving to? We take our little dog to Petroglyph Vet Hospital and have been very pleased with them.
We are thinking of Nob Hill, but don't mind a little bit of a drive if the vet is great!
I like the vets at Blue Cross Animal Clinic, very close to Nob Hill.

Ditto.  Very kind care there.


Cheers, Mi3ke

I'm a fan of Dr. Fletcher at Aztec Animal Clinic in Nob Hill. She is both compassionate and practical - a great combination.
Dr. McGuire at Aztec Animal Clinic is the best vet I've ever had.  I have a dog and 3 cats and she has spent 30-45 minutes during each visit to give complete exam and ask a ton of questions.  She even went outside and evaluated my dog while running and walking.  I wouldn't see anyone else in Albuquerque.
My wife is Dr. Walker at Albuquerque Cat Clinic and she's terrific! Of course, I am a bit biased, but her practice is feline-exclusive, so you won't have to deal with any barking dogs.

We met your wonderful wife and she is now our kitty's vet!  She is compassionate, skilled, experienced, and Rudy liked her!!  Because of Dr. Walker, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our beloved kitty!!

We love Dr Walker! She gave us 4 more months with our cat after she was diagnosed with kidney failure. Glad you found her!

Dr Wheeler at Blue Cross Animal Clinic on Carlisle (close to Nob Hill) has always been good to me and mine. I had a cat with thyroid probs as well, she laid out options, treatments, and best of all she was kind to my old sick kitty.


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