One of my traditions for as long as I can remember is to take several nights during the holiday season to go look at the light displays. Despite the TV stations, flickr, and other places having pictures of some, contests, newscasts, etc., very few seem to have addresses, and trying to get the TV stations to give you a list of the places is usually futile. I used to have a pretty good list of the best ones in the city but many have moved on, so I'm looking for ideas on the best ones to see--or for those of you who don't like them that much, the ones you find to be the brightest, loudest, most garish, whatever.

I'll start with a few nominations I've seen this year and some reliable locations outside of the Bugg Lights and River of lights...

7124 Eagle Canyon N.E. -- Synchronized to music, see for info
6600 Terra Dolce N.W. -- Supposedly over 100,000 lights, trying to become the new Buggs
300 Block 51st St. N.W. -- Several people in the same block do this up yearly
Constitution between Eubank and Morris -- Don't have the actual address handy, it's a "synchronized to music" one
50th N.W. north of Central -- The lights are in the backyard, visible from Central
19th and Slate N.W. -- go east on Slate a block or so, just east of Old Town
12204 Pineridge Ave. N.E. -- also set to music supposedly
2800-2900 Blocks of Valencia N.E. -- residents all get together on this, especially Christmas Eve
8310 Calle Ensueno N.W. -- They made some of their lights into a "river" so the "deer" can "drink"

There's also one I've always liked a couple blocks north of Lomas on either Monroe or Jefferson, it's a walk-through with a model train and modified Albuquerque in the garage. Haven't seen it yet this year, the guy sometimes doesn't have it up any more, but I used to like this one more than the Buggs.

Any other nominations? Thanks!

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If you have the time, and can find the space, I highly suggest the Speake House. Absolutely amazing what Harold and his family have done. They run the music off of a computer in the house, and broadcast it over a low power frequency...

One suggestion would be to park your car in the vacant lot on Louisiana, just south of Alameda, and walk over to the house.
Where are the Bugg lights? (relative newbie)
At the Menaul School, Menaul just East of Broadway.
The Bugg lights are at Menaul School this year. Every Friday and Saturday nite til new years I think. No charge of course but you can buy hot chocolate and make a donation to the school for electricity.
There is also "the star house" in the foothills of albuquerque. the address is 4725 Paso Del Puma NE, 87111. This house has thousands of lights in a huge "star" shape and covers about two acres of bushes on the hillside. It's even visible from the Rio Rancho if you look hard enough. Definitely worth looking into!
For future reference, there is a house on Ridgecrest that always draws huge groups of viewers on Christmas Eve. It's a few blocks south of the Carlisle/Ridgecrest split. Animatronic bears, giant stars, inflatables, glowing Santa and lots of lights. It's always a fun, over-the-top presentation.

Near Irving and Universe.

The synchronized lights on Constitution are specifically at 10525.  Beyond this location, the Speake Family on Eagle Canyon, and the Pineridge address, there are also synchronized lights at 1524 Gray Rock Place, 2924 Valencia, and 2113 Marie Park.  3809 Mount Rainer and 8106 Prospect have nice static displays.

Dec 22, 2013...Anyone have a list of great light displays?  Taking family out after dark and need a plan! 

I wish I'd seen your question earlier.  I've been collecting addresses since my original post and have a list that is several pages long now.  I'm particularly partial to the Gray Rock display, though I think the house # is a little off (the family name is the Gronagers).  No matter, since you can tell which one it is without much difficulty.  :-)  Having a GPS to put them all in has made this possible, and when you go from one house to another, it gives you the opportunity to ferret out others.  I just found out about two new ones I don't have on my list yet (can't verify this for accuracy) but try 11416 Appian Way NE and 11032 Manganite Court NW.  There are some videos of the Gronagers, the Speake Family (who won't be back until next year and have moved to Rio Rancho), and a few others, most of which don't give their addresses.  Another new one this year which isn't on the "over the top" list but still a nice testimony to what neighbors can do together, is one of the buildings of the Queen's Point apartment complex, 3308 Morris.  Everyone in that building participated.  There's also one I haven't checked out on Cottonwood Court between 2nd and Osuna.  Hope that helps!  What's anyone else found this year that's not already listed in this thread?

Thanks for replying.  We attempted 10 houses that I rustled up, but never could find Gray Rock (which is the one I wanted to see most).  I was in my old jeep and didn't have gps with me. (we were old school - lol)  What I really wanted to show my family was one with the synced lights and display and then you tune into a radio station.  Have seen these amzing displays in Las Cruces, but never here.  I hear there is a good one in Los Lunas this year.  But a huge one....could never find one.  If you hear of one that is like the one I am describing, please let me know.  Thank you.  :)


There are several, but I think Gray Rock is the best this year.  You can see some videos of their house before you go if you type in "Gronagers" on YouTube. Here is one of them...

Gray Rock is almost as far east as you can go into the mountain, 1/2 mile or more from Tramway.  Go east on Indian School to Camino de la Sierra and turn right (south) to Pinnacle View.  Left (east) on Pinnacle view to Gray Rock.  You'll know it when you see it.

Also...I forgot to mention yesterday another great site that nobody seems to be writing up as worth seeing: Garner Road SW.  It's a dead-end street off Coors a couple miles south of Rio Bravo, and most everyone in the neighborhood decorates.  The whole thing is well worth the drive.  However, none are lights-to-music. 


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