clogging up the Elsewhere in ABQ pipeline...

It was a great blog when it was active, but appears to have been taken over by some sort of Southeast Asian robo-feed. I don't read Malaysian or Tagalog, but it would appear to have nothing in the way of Albuquerque content and is regularly cluttering up the Elsewhere In ABQ feed. Maybe it is time to cut it loose?

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Working on it Phil!

Thanks, Adelita. Nothing against computer tips in Indonesian (thanks, Google Translate!), but the signal-to-noise ratio in the feed has been very high lately. (Alternatively, John could come back and take another crack at his excellent and missed ABQ urbanism blog!).

I'll second that! (No clue what's going on there, but looks interesting, doesn't it?)

I think we've got it fixed, Phil. Just had to update the settings on the feed. Thanks!



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