A fire broke out around 4:30 PM at the Flamenco Institute on Gold Street this afternoon.  Fire trucks are on the scene, and occupants on the block have been evacuated, but it's quite the conflagration.  A friend of mine who works a few doors down is sending me photos.

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Here's the latest from Bruce:  they've got a fire truck in the alley with a big crane arm, and a firefighter is at the top of it shooting down.  Pretty crazy.

Smoke is visible from my office at Yale and Lomas.

The guy operating the water cannon is bailing.  Too much smoke.

Fire trucks on Gold.  Power cut to the whole block.

Another coworker, Andy, sent this overhead shot from the parking garage at 2nd and Gold.  It looks like the fire has mostly been snuffed.

Andy sent a couple shots of the aftermath.  The lovely mural that graced the east wall is in tatters.

Story and (short) video from ABQ Business First:


As soon as anyone hears about fundraising and helping them get back up and running, I want to know!

I would hope insurance would cover at least a part of their losses, but yes, the NIF is such an asset to the community that I'd like to see a broad effort to get them back on their feet.

Lita, they've set up a form on their website to solicit information about what people would be willing to contribute.

Thanks Ben!

Great photographs...more can now be seen from night and day perspective at: 



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