Turns out there is crime in Albuquerque.

I like Aaron Paul's response: "...loves Albuquerque but hates the crime."

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I think Aaron Paul has every right to complain, anybody who gets robbed feels angry and violated..

Yes, as one reads the story, it seems that Aaron Paul's house wasn't randomly broken into, but that he had invited some friends + strangers over; a neighbor found his house keys minus the car key in his yard sometime later that day and then Aaron Paul noticed things were missing from his house and car (I did not get that his whole car was stolen).  It's a total drag, yes, but I am not sure this fits with the "Albuquerque is filthy with burglars" meme.  I am also guessing that inviting random people over to your house in LA might just lead to trouble there, too.

'Guessing' and 'might' are the keywords here.

I have lived in LA, Oakland, and now live in Albuquerque.  In all three of these cities, I have experienced some type of crime.  In LA, my car was broken into.  In Oakland, my wife's car was stolen, and the same happened here in Albuquerque.  Crime is part and parcel to city life.  I definitely felt violated and upset, but I think it is definitely false to say LA is somehow safer than Albuquerque. 

Hey I would bet we have less crime than Oakland. That can be the new city slogan, "Albuquerque-less crime than Oakland". 

I lived in Southern California for 23 years before moving here 20 years ago. In that 23 years autos were burglarized 4 times. My parents have lived there for 43 years (30 in Santa Ana, 10 in Riverside) and have never been victimized. No house or auto burglaries ever. I get to ABQ and within a month an engine hoist and stand are stolen from the side of my house. A few months later my TLC's rear window is broken while parked on the street. A few months after that a three guys pushed my MG Midget out of the driveway and are caught by a neighbor trying to steal it. This was during the 5 years I lived on the 300 block of Jefferson NE. A vintage travel trailer that was in a storage yard was burglarized. My storage unit had been broken into twice. Here at my house in Huning Castle, another vintage trailer and a camper have been hit while in my driveway. Someone tried to steal my wife's car out of the driveway. The cars have been ransacked so many times I don't even get pissed about it anymore. I just make sure to leave nothing of value inside. My daughter left a empty shopping bag from a fancy store in the back seat of her car. They broke the window on the only locked door to get to that bag. I work in Menlo Park, CA and have an apartment there. You can leave a bicycle in the carport unlocked and it will still be there day after day after day.

And what's the average per capita income in Menlo Park? Bet it beats ABQ by a couple 10k, at least. Not exactly what I'd call a fair comparison.

While not wealthy, Albuquerque is not a notably disadvantaged city (per capita income beats Oakland, too). However, the patchwork network of Albuquerque neighborhoods means that while we don't have too many huge zones of urban blight, neither do we have very many exclusive enclaves where people without money are kept at arm's length (Tanoan's an exception). In general I think this is a good thing...it keeps the city as a whole more equitable, livable and balanced. But it probably also means that the potential for theft and other kinds of property crime, at least, is never kept as far away as it is in a privileged suburb like Menlo Park.

Yep, spot on Phil_0, and I think that's what many people from elsewhere have a hard time accepting about ABQ - there are very few places where folks can isolate themselves to a virtually crime-free existence. Obviously, this is both good and bad, but certainly different from most major cities in the U.S.

A lot more then a couple 10k.

Menlo Park, CA Median Household Income = $108,261

Albuquerque, NM Median Household Income = $44,594

I have never seen that program, I don't even think it's revelent to this discussion. Being a victim of a crime sucks, big time, whoever and wherever you are when it happens. And if bitching helps, bitch way out loud.

I agree with your statement, Leonard. Someone once told me jokingly "sometimes it just helps to complain." While we laugh when put that way, there is truth there.

My wife and I moved here from the Chicago suburbs and also feel crime is a problem and doesn't get nearly the discussion that is warranted.  I see more people upset when a cop shoots one of these thugs than at the ongoing crime itself.  To be further un-PC, you can't tell me the large number of illegal aliens that are tolerated here doesn't have a lot to do with the crime rate.  By coming here illegally, they already demonstrate a tendency to break laws.

I do appreciate the right to carry a gun for self-defense here, something we couldn't do in IL.  

Hard to imagine someone who lived long in Chicago suburbs being enough on the ball to appreciate Albuquerque's virtues.  Also hard to imagine that Chicagoland has fewer illegal aliens and less of a "tendency to break laws."



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