Turns out there is crime in Albuquerque.

I like Aaron Paul's response: "...loves Albuquerque but hates the crime."

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It's nice to go back to Chicago for a visit, but I always am glad to come back.  Other than the restaurants, I don't miss it.  Have almost forgotten what gridlock traffic and horrible weather are.  If you enjoy the outdoors and solitude NM is the place to be.  Chicago is what I call a shopping based culture, here nobody cares what kind of purse the women are wearing.  There is a shared sense of commraderie based on the lousy weather and sports teams.

Getting back to crime, it seems more isolated in Chicaoland, with some areas being terrible and many suburbs seeming very safe.  Here, my perception is the crime happens all over town.

And yes, illegal aliens are more likely to commit crime:


Hate to burst y'alls bubble but New Mexico had a hell of a crime problem long before this current wave of immigration, legal or illegal. Albuquerque frequently tied with cities like Compton for having the highest instance of crime in the nation. I read back there in the 70s, maybe the 80s, that one in three residents of Albuquerque would be a victim of a crime that year. And the victims most  crimes committed by our brethren without papers are other Mexicanos most of whom are also lacking documents. The rascal that gets to you is most likely estadounidense;¬/

Just curious, does anybody have a solution to our crime problem?  What NYC has done to reduce crime shows progress can be made.  "That's just how NM is" is not the solution.

Paul, I think Djon's point re: illegal immigration has more to do with the fact that Chicago has the third-largest Mexican population in the entire United States (viva Pilsen), and thus a much, much, much larger Mexican immigrant population (both legal and illegal) than little old Albuquerque. Which kinda makes it hard to blame all that crime on "illegals."

Did someone say Pilsen?

"In addition to poverty and related social problems, Pilsen residents must cope with high levels of violence. The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority named Pilsen one of the "hot spots" in the city for street gang violence. Today, the level of gang-related violence in Pilsen is widely considered to be second only to East Los Angeles."

Phil, I didn't express myself clearly enough: anyone who would willingly live in Chicago suburbs, then move to ABQ and complain about "illegal aliens," ought to keep moving.


ABQ's residents are at least 40% hispanic-related (35% hispanic names in phone directory).  Interestingly,  NW side of ABQ (north of I-40) has by far the lowest crime rate in the city and it's HEAVILY hispanic (working home-owners with big families and fine homes). The fabled NE Heights does seem whitebread and it has vastly more crime than does the NW...especially when you look at the murder rate.

I don't understand your first paragraph at all.

The issue isn't about hispanics (I am one, father and father-in-law both named Manuel, FWIW.), it is about foreign nationals illegally entering the state and being allowed to stay here.  From your stats it sounds like there are fewer of them in the NW than elsewhere in ABQ.

Djon, any self-respecting New Mexican knows that Mexican <> Hispanic. Far from it...

Phil, Have fun with your racial theory.


Mexicans are all over the map identity-wise. Few call themselves "Latino" or anything else...they refer to country of origin or country of citizenship.  None think of themselves as a race apart or as "Native Americans."  New Mexican Griegos get a kick out of calling themselves Greeks, if that helps.


Paul7, everybody understands your perspective and everybody understands my comment about Chicago suburbs Vs Albuquerque (apples/oranges). 


In the end nobody, including Romney according to him, is going to kick out 12MM (or whatever the number really is) illegals unless they're special problems. Obama's expelling infinitely more than Bush ever did, Reagan specifically arranged for California to profit in an organized way from Mexican guest labor....today's GOP is so ignorant it  calls that "amnesty."



"Racial theory"? Nothing of the sort, it's simply a comment on self-identification. How many NM Hispanos do you know that identify themselves as Mexican? Consciously articulated group identity aside, there are plenty of cultural differences too: language, cuisine, etc. All of which creates lots of problems when treating the two groups interchangeably the way you seem to here...

That race theory is unmistakable and isn't defensible.


Locally there are many green-card Mexicans from Chiuahua, as anybody knows if they've employed labor or craftsmen, visited construction sites or just driven down Coors or Central (note the license plates).  


Native English speakers use English words out of respect, rather than pretending to an identity..therefore they use the English adjective "hispanic" or "Hispanic" rather than the poseur's "Hispano."


Concern for the "safety" of a neighborhood refers specifically to racial/economic factors that real estate sales people use...it's code. The demographics do obviously correlate impressively with crime statistics, so that's not entirely a mistake even though it supports destructive racial/economic prejudice.


I've knocked on hundreds of West Side doors on behalf of political candidates. Many of the residents have hispanic names, and many of the non-hispanic-named families display santos, photos of mexican ancestors etc. 


Mexican citizens now in New Mexico, and folks who came here from Mexico in previous generations, express pride in Mexican roots and they intentionally retain bits of that culture, much like people with third-generation Japanese lineage.


I spoke with a group of Mexicans at the recent Kite Fiesta in Taylor Ranch last Sunday.  They were hanging out with South Americans and Spanish-speakers born in NM.  Nobody referred to themselves as "hispano"...why would they bother?


Spend some time with 4th/5th generation NM families...they call themselves New Mexicans and they refer to Mexican or Spanish roots. They don't lower themselves to "hispano" or "Latino."





Djon, I guess I've spent time with different Hispanos than you have. Northern New Mexico doesn't really fit your racial theory, unfortunately, but if you can't or won't acknowledge the cultural differences between people of Mexican descent from the northern Rio Grande Valley, with roots in the pre-Mexican War New Mexico colony, and contemporary immigrants from Chihuahua, there's really no point in arguing with you about it. This discussion appears to have gone down Paul7's favorite rabbit hole anyway, largely because you swallowed his bait.

I suggest you do some reading about it, though...while they obviously share historical and cultural roots, treating recent Mexican immigrants and descendants of 18th-century New Mexican colonists as equivalent parts of the same population is just plain dumb.


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